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7 Ways to Use Wobble Wedges® in Restaurants

wobbling restaurant tables

Ideal for Front and Back of House

Making an enjoyable experience for your customers is a key factor in making loyal diners. One of the most common front of house issues is wobbling restaurant tables. Luckily Wobble Wedge® plastic shims offer a sleek and professional option, and can be used in numerous ways in the back of house too. Read on for 7 ways you can use Wobble Wedge® plastic shims in your Restaurant.

Stop Wobbling Restaurant Tables

Most restaurants use unsightly wads of napkins or matchbooks to prop up their tables, leaving a less than professional look for diners. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims have been used for more than 30 years to level and stop wobbling restaurant tables. They blend in so that your customers will probably never even notice. Our standard soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims come in black, white, and clear/translucent, so they will stop the wobbles and match your decor flawlessly. They can be carried around by staff in aprons and quickly used even while diners are sitting at the table, making for a quick and easy solution. Read more in our blog “A Professional Solution for Wobbly Cafe Tables.”

wobbling restaurant tables

Set-up Sturdy Outdoor Tables

If you have outdoor seating or do catering for events, you might have to contend with some pretty uneven ground when setting up tables. If the ground is really uneven you might need more than one of our standard plastic shims. Luckily they have patented interlocking ridges that allow them to be securely stacked to whatever height you need to fill. Another option for large wobbles are BigGap™ plastic shims which are nearly twice as tall as the standard wedges. They can also be used under the feet of tables setup on grass to prevent the table legs from sinking into the dirt. 

Keep Table Umbrellas in Place

If you have patio seating you probably also have umbrellas to protect your customers from the sun. Some umbrellas just aren’t meant to handle much wind and are easily blown out of place causing annoyance for your guests. If the umbrella is loose in the tabletop hole it can not only move, but it can also rattle as it hits the sides of the hole. To stop this annoyance, simply place one or two soft plastic Wobble Wedge® shims into the hole, wedging the umbrella in place. Now it won’t make noise and it won’t move!

Keep Cutting Boards in Place

Your kitchen staff can also benefit from Wobble Wedge® plastic shims. Cutting boards often slide around on metal work surfaces, creating a hazard for your staff. The ridges on Wobble Wedges® combined with the soft plastic means that they provide a grip as well as leveling for cutting boards. So if cuttings boards are rocking and moving on your cooks, soft Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can secure them in place making a safer work area for staff. Read more about how to “Stabilize a Cutting Board.”

Non Slip Grip for Cutting Board

Level Large Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant kitchens contain with large equipment from ranges to ovens to ice machines to refrigerators and more. All of this equipment can turn into a hazard for staff if it’s unsteady. Luckily hard/rigid Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can take +2,000 lbs of force, meaning they can stabilize even the most heavy of kitchen appliances. Learn “How to Shim Kitchen Appliances.”

Stop Unsteady Shelving in Walk-in Refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators are filled with floor to ceiling shelving units. Uneven shelving could lead to food falling to the floor, a clear health code violation. So keeping them steady and secure is vital for your restaurant. Our Wobble Wedge® plastic shims will safely shore-up your shelving and will also be more sanitary than folded cardboard. The plastic is impermeable to water and won’t warp or discolor flooring.

Stabilize Countertop Appliances

If your kitchen has small countertop appliances they can rock or move out of place on slick work surfaces. They also typically don’t have adjustable feet like larger appliances. So if they scoot around or wobble every time you open the door, they need to be shimmed. Soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are ideal if the appliance is slipping around on your counter, because the patented interlocking ridges grip the slick surface. Place soft/flexible Mini Wobble Wedges® under the feet to stop sliding. And if you need a bigger shim use standard Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to stop rocking and wobbling.

PLEASE NOTE: Wobble Wedges® should not come in contact with direct flame or any surfaces that reach temperatures +200 Fahrenheit.

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