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Art Gallery Owner Uses Wobble Wedges to Stabilize Display Shelves and Pottery

Here at Wobble Wedge headquarters we never cease to be amazed by all of the creative ways that our customers use Wobble Wedges. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share this use-case from one of our recent customers, Julie, the owner of a pottery studio and art gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Julie found a plethora of uses for the various shims in the Wobble Wedge Shop Shim Variety Pack around her gallery and studio, from stabilizing fragile ceramic pieces, to shimming enormous display shelves and equipment. If you are the owner of a creative space, take some inspiration from this studio owner and grab a pack of Wobble Wedges for all your shimming needs.

The Shop Shim Variety Pack

It all started with a Shop Shim Variety Pack, which includes Wobble Wedges in all three of our available sizes, standard, mini, and BigGap. The Shop Shim Variety Pack is the perfect starter kit for any studio and shop owner looking to have a variety of shim sizes and colors on hand. Included in each pack are 5 Standard Rigid Translucent shims, 5 Standard Flexible Clear shims, 5 Standard Rigid Black shims, 8 Mini Rigid Translucent shims and 8 Mini Flexible Clear shims, 4 single GigGap™ Rigid Translucent shims, 2 single BigGap™ Flexible Clear shims.

Stabilize Fragile Handmade Pottery

At any given moment in time there are hundreds of handmade ceramic pieces from half a dozen local artists on display in Julie’s gallery. Each piece is subject to its own imperfections and wobbles. This art gallery owner started using Mini Wobble Wedges to help stabilize pottery with imperfections or wobbles to keep all of the artwork safe on the display shelves. Mini Wobble Wedge shims are perfect for handmade pottery pieces. Use Flexible Mini Clear Wobble Wedge shims to stabilize fragile objects on hard shelving materials to keep them from slipping or shaking.

Level Large Display Shelves

BigGap Wobble Wedges and Standard Size Wobble Wedges are perfect for leveling large display shelves. These plastic shims can hold up to 2,000 pounds without slipping, settling, or sliding apart. This provided the perfect solution for art gallery owner, Julie, when she rearranged all of her shelving for a new art opening. Once she rearranged all of the shelving units in her gallery space, certain shelves rocked, wobbled, and did not sit level on the hardwood floor. Thankfully, Julie had her Wobble Wedge Shop Shim Variety Pack handy! She used Standard Size Wedges and BigGap sized wedges to level and stabilize all of the shelving in her gallery space.

Shim, Level & Stabilize Studio Equipment 

Below the art gallery, in her ceramics studio space, Julie found even more uses for her Shop Shim Variety Pack. The BigGap shims are strong and large enough to shim the enormous wooden work tables and work benches throughout the pottery studio, that sit on a sloped concrete floor. The Standard Size Wedges were perfect for keeping the cumbersome pottery wheels stable on the floor.

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How to Use Leveling Wedges

Between uneven floors and self-assembled furniture the reasons for items to rock or wobble in your home or business are unlimited. Leaning bookshelves, wobbling tabletops, and rocking appliances can compromise aesthetic, comfort, and safety. To quickly and professionally resolve issues with wobbling furniture or appliances use handy plastic leveling wedges like Wobble Wedge. For more than 30 years Wobble Wedge® has been the proprietor of the world’s best leveling shims, available in flexible plastic and rigid plastic, and in a variety of sizes and colors.

What is a Leveling Wedge?

The concept of the leveling wedge is a simple, but powerful one. A small triangular sliver of strong plastic material that can fill the gap between your furniture or appliances and the flooring material to create lasting stability. A level shim gradually increases in thickness to provide a universally convenient solution for gaps and wobbling. Additionally, Wobble Wedge shims possess patented interlocking ridges that allow users to stack and combine wedges to fill any gap. Flexible plastic Wobble Wedge leveling shims can be trimmed with a utility knife once placed in their location so the excess wedge material is not visible to the naked eye.

How to Use a Leveling Wedge

Using level wedges is an incredibly easy process. To determine if your furniture or appliances need a level wedge simply place both hands firmly on top of the object in question. Gently shift your pressure from one hand to the other to see if the item rocks or leans. If the item in question shifts under your pressure it is resting unevenly on the ground. Place a level on top of your furniture or appliance and rock it very gently to find the level point. Once you have identified how to make the item sit level, use Wobble Wedge plastic leveling wedges to fill the gap between the bottom of the item and the flooring material. Stack and combine wedges until the gap is completely full. When you remove your hands from the top of the furniture item or appliance it should sit stable on top of the plastic level shims.

Flexible Plastic vs. Rigid Plastic Wedges

Depending on the flooring material and the item you are trying to level stipulates whether you should use a flexible plastic leveling wedge or a rigid plastic leveling wedge. Furniture items placed on hard flooring material are best served with a flexible plastic leveling shim. Flexible plastic shims will grip hard flooring material surfaces and won’t slip or slide under pressure. Appliances or furniture on soft flooring materials such as carpet or rugs are best benefited by a rigid plastic leveling wedge, which will support the item firmly on the soft flooring material. Rigid plastic shims can also help prevent compression marks on soft flooring materials.

When To Use a BigGap Wedge

Standard Wobble Wedge leveling shims can be stacked and combined using the patented interlocking ridges to fill any gap between furniture and appliances and your flooring material. However, there are some gaps that require a more industrial solution. In these instances, use a BigGap™ Wobble Wedge, which is twice as thick as the standard wedges. BigGap™ leveling wedges can also be stacked and combined to increase height. BigGap™ shims are ideal for large furniture or appliances such as workbenches, storage shelves, hot water heaters, washing machines, and more.

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10 Ways to Use Furniture Leveling Shims

Whether you’ve recently relocated, or are wanting to spruce up your home with a remodel, a frustrating challenge many encounter is unstable furniture. Flooring materials and surfaces can be uneven and foundations can shift over time. Uneven flooring can end up causing items to rock, lean, or wobble

The world’s original plastic stackable furniture shim, Wobble Wedge®, was invented for this very reason. The founders lived in an older home with sloping floors where furniture wobbled, tilted, rattled, rocked, and leaned. Everything they tried either didn’t hold up over time or didn’t stay in place, which inspired the creation of the Wobble Wedge plastic furniture shim. Since 1985 the Wobble Wedge has been the best furniture shim on the market. Here are ten of the most common uses for Wobble Wedge furniture shims.

Most Popular Uses of Wobble Wedge® Furniture Shim

  1. Bookcases: Whether in your living room, bedrooms, or office, ensure your bookcases are stable and stay in place with a Wobble Wedge plastic furniture shim. Load your bookcases with valuables, knowing they will remain safely and securely in place with Wobble Wedges.  
  1. End Tables: Don’t let unstable end tables turn into a problem, like spilling beverages, knocking over a treasured vase, or a magazine avalanche. Simply slide in a plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shim under the table or leg, and rest assured you are protected.  
  1. Coffee Tables: A wobbly coffee table can result in spilled beverages, sliding supper plates, or pose a danger to kids or pets playing in their proximity. On soft flooring, such as carpets or rugs, use a rigid plastic Wobble Wedge to shim uneven coffee tables. On hard flooring surfaces, like hardwood, stone, or laminate, use flexible Wobble Wedges.
  1. Dining Room Tables: Nothing is worse than a dining room table that isn’t stable during a meal. Ensure your family and guests have an unforgettable dining experience each time they gather around the table by compensating for any gaps under table legs with a plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shim.
  1. Heavy Furniture: Whether you’re a renter, living in a temporary space, or want to move your furniture around, you need the right furniture wedge to protect your flooring from heavy items. You’ll be protected from costly damage, unsightly imprints, and flooring damage with BigGap™ Wobble Wedges. These large rigid plastic shims can hold more than 2,000 lbs.
  1. Couches: Protect your carpet and flooring while keeping your couch from moving by relying on a Wobble Wedge furniture shim to hold it in place. Combine multiple BigGap™ wedges side by side under couch legs and supports. Prevent your couch from rocking or leaning when the family jumps on for movie night.
  1. Hutches: Stabilizing a hutch containing antiques, china, fragile items, or heirlooms is essential for ensuring the protection of the items inside. While your hutch is empty check for any leaning or rocking. Compensate for any gaps below the hutch with rigid plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shims. Shim and stabilize delicate items within the hutch with Mini Wobble Wedges.
  1. Vanities: Are you upgrading or replacing your vanity? Or maybe your existing vanity has a visible gap or perceptible wobble. Stabilize a bathroom vanity with a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge bathroom furniture shim. Flexible plastic Wobble Wedges will grip onto hard flooring material, and won’t slip, or expand if exposed to moisture.
  1. Dressers: A tall or heavy dresser, if placed on uneven flooring, can rock or wobble, or even have issues with its drawers sliding smoothly along their tracks. If you’re having issues with a dresser on uneven flooring, a Wobble Wedge furniture shim can provide a quick solution with longevity. For dressers placed on soft flooring, such as carpets or rugs, use a rigid plastic Wobble Wedge. For dressers on hard flooring materials, such as hardwood or laminate, use a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge for better grip and floor protection.
  2. Workbenches: Another popular use for Wobble Wedge furniture shims is in the garage. Stabilize large, heavy workbenches with BigGap™ Wobble Wedges. These industrial shims can hold more than 2,000 lbs and won’t slip or slide under the weight and pressure of big projects.
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Tapered Shims for All Your Household Needs

When objects around the house are wobbling, unstable, or unlevel the solution you’re looking for is a tapered shim. Wobble Wedge has been the ultimate household tapered plastic shim for more than thirty years, offering an easy fix for wobbly tables, uneven surfaces, unlevel bookshelves, and anything that rocks, tips, or leans. Tapered shims slide into any gap to provide an easy and enduring fix. For whatever your household needs, try Wobble Wedge!

What is a Tapered Shim?

The wedge was one of the first tools created by mankind and they are still just as handy today! A tapered shim is a triangular piece of material that slides into any gap, filling the space and preventing any further movement from the item. Wobble Wedge offers plastic tapered shims in a variety of sizes and with several distinguishing features that make them the ultimate household handy tool. Wobble Wedge tapered shims feature patented ridge technology that allows the wedges to interlock, never to slide apart when under the weight of an object. Wobble Wedges are also available in hard and soft plastic so you can pick the perfect fix for your project. Hard plastic Wobble Wedges are best used on soft flooring, while soft plastic Wobble Wedges are perfect for hard flooring or surfaces, decorative objects, and plumbing.

What Problems Can I Solve With a Tapered Shim?

If it wobbles, a tapered shim can fix it! Just about any household project pertaining to uneven floors or surfaces can be addressed with a tapered shim. Wobble Wedges have been used for hundreds of different household and commercial purposes ranging from plumbing and counter installations, to antique furniture and collectable objects. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use a tapered shim to solve your household wobbles.

Getting Started with Wobble Wedges

Once you have a pack of Wobble Wedges in the house, you won’t believe how many different ways you will find to use them. Suddenly, tapered shims will become your favorite tool in the tool box. The Wobble Wedge Variety Pack is a great place to get started. This convenient kit contains a variety of tapered shims for all of your household needs. Here is what you’ll find included:

10 Rigid Standard Shims: These are your go-to household wedges for fixing bookcases, coffee tables, and more. These rigid plastic shims are perfect for soft flooring and can be used to prevent furniture imprints on carpet.

5 Flexible Standard Shims: The perfect plastic shim for furniture on soft flooring, kitchen appliances, fixing rattling plumbing pipes, wobbly toilets, and more. Flexible Wobble Wedges are pliable and can easily be trimmed to any size.

2 Flexible BigGap Shims: These are the largest Wobble Wedge shims and are perfect for construction projects, and large appliances like washing machines, dryers, storage freezers, and more.

4 Rigid BigGap Shims: The largest hard plastic Wobble Wedge is ready to go to work in your garage or tool shed. Use these mighty shims for stabilizing your workbench, power tools, drafting tables, and concrete blocks or stairs.

8 Flexible Mini-Shims: For all of your micro-wobbles, these soft plastic Wobble Wedges are perfect for securing decorative items, house plants, framed artwork, and more.

8 Rigid Mini-Shims: These itty-bitty, hard plastic tapered shims are ready to shim thin antique or modern table legs. Mini wedges are also handy for woodworking projects, stabilizing delicate joints, and fixing antique wobbles.

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Perfectly Level DIY Floating Shelves

Level DIY floating shelves

Homemade Floating Shelves Use Wobble Wedges ® to Achieve Perfection

Floating shelves are a sophisticated way to add storage capacity in your home without the clutter of metal shelf brackets. There are a variety of floating shelf styles and kits that are available for purchase online. The truly industrious home improvement junkies will opt to build their own floating shelves using basic carpentry skills and tools. However, even the most perfectly built floating shelf may not rest flat against the drywall. Any gaps between the bottom of the shelf and the wall will cause the floating shelf to be out of level. Luckily, Wobble Wedge ® plastic shims provide an easy fix! Our sturdy plastic shims will help you install perfectly level DIY floating shelves.

How to Build a DIY Floating Shelf

DIY floating shelves are constructed with an internal support that gets attached to the wall and an exterior “box” that slips over the support. This style of design creates an incredibly strong shelf without any visible support. If mounted to drywall, use drywall anchors to increase the weight capacity of the shelf. Otherwise, mount the floating shelf into studs for a seemingly indestructible shelf ready to hold your heaviest house plants, books, and decorative items.

Installing a Floating Shelf

Use a level while installing the internal support for your floating shelf. This ensures that the shelf is level from side to side. Once you have mounted the internal support, slip the box that comprises the exterior of the shelf over the support. Use finishing nails to hold the exterior box to the internal support bracket.

Level DIY floating shelves
Trim the plastic shims and they’ll disappear from view!

Level DIY Floating Shelves with Plastic Shims

At this point you may notice that your shelf is level from side to side, but does not sit flush against the wall and is therefore not level from front to back. This could cause items to slide off the shelf and could even pull the shelf off the wall. Place a level on the shelf to see if it dips tilts downward. If your floating shelf is not level, use clear/translucent Wobble Wedges ® plastic shims under the bottom, against the wall, to make your shelf level from front to back. Once you have confirmed with your level that the shelf is now even you can trim the Wobble Wedges ® so they are not visible to the naked eye. Using a marker draw a line on each plastic shim, and then remove it. Trim the Wobble Wedge ® plastic shims to size with scissors or an exacto blade. Replace each plastic shim and recheck the shelf for level.

Congratulations! You built a beautiful floating shelf that is unique and customized to your space. Now it’s perfectly level thanks to Wobble Wedge ® plastic shims!