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Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience with Wobble Wedges

When the weather allows, no indoor dining experience compares to that of outdoor dining. Gathering with your friends and loved ones around the table for a delicious meal, cup of coffee, or a beer is always a grounding ritual and memorable treat. Restaurateurs must ensure that their outdoor dining spaces are perfect for customers. Homemakers and hosts are justified in craving the same thing from their patios and porches. Below, we will highlight a few of the ways that Wobble Wedges ensure an elevated outdoor dining experience.

Level and Stabilize Outdoor Patio Tables

Typically, patio tables have significantly less structural integrity than indoor tables, and after a prolonged period of exposure to the elements they become even less reliable. Additionally, outdoor surfaces are also more variable, such as pavers or concrete. Whether it’s your tables or the surface they are on causing the wobbles, Wobble Wedges are here to help! Use a Standard Size Wobble Wedge or BigGap Wedge to level and stabilize your outdoor table in a breeze. Stack to combine multiple shims.

Prevent Tipsy Tables and Spilled Brews

Customers visiting a brewery or a cafe are expecting to pay $6-10 or more for their first drink. They don’t want to lose a single sip! Tipsy tables are simply unprofessional when you’re providing craft-quality drinks. Make sure your tables are stable with Wobble Wedge shims before your customers arrive to provide a top-quality, memorable experience.

Residential Outdoor Dining Sets

Whether you splurged on your outdoor furniture or picked it up at Walmart, it might be prone to sitting improperly on your outdoor surface. You can use Wobble Wedge plastic shims for dining tables, chairs, end tables, and more. Use it with a picnic bench or farmhouse style tables or tables with thin legs. Wobble Wedges are perfect for residential outdoor dining sets of all varieties. 

Level and Stabilize Outdoor Grills

No outdoor dining experience is complete without a grill. If your grill sits on castors that have become uneven or don’t sit level on your ground material, Wobble Wedge shims can be used to stabilize and support the grill. Wobble Wedge shims can support up to 2,000 pounds, more than enough to support your grill and all of the burgers.

Level Outdoor Planters

The perfect outdoor dining experience is accented by perfectly placed plants! Make sure that large, medium, or small outdoor planters are level and stabilized with Wobble Wedge shims. This technique is especially helpful for planters placed on top of pedestals or any other podium-type structure.

Ready to elevate your outdoor dining experience to perfection? Get started with a 30-pack or variety pack and enjoy free shipping within the US on orders of $50 or more.

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Innovative Ways to Use Wobble Wedges in Interior Design

When it comes to creating an intentional interior design, every detail needs to be perfect. That means that furniture can’t be leaning or rocking and artwork cannot be hung crooked on the walls. Whether you’re a professional interior designer or a perfectionist homemaker, once you’ve added Wobble Wedges to your toolkit, you will find hundreds of uses for them in your interior spaces. Here are some of our favorite ways to use Wobble Wedges in your interior design.

Level Bookshelves

When bookshelves sit unevenly, it is extremely obvious to the naked eye because of all of the vertical and horizontal leading lines. Just a few books sitting askew on the shelf can make the whole thing look like it’s leaning. Use BigGap Wobble Wedges to level large bookcases and standard size wedges for medium and small bookshelves. You can also use Wobble Wedges to level floating shelves against the wall surface. 

Stabilize End Tables

End tables, especially highly decorative ones, are another element of interior design that can feel painfully obvious when it’s off. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level and stabilize functional and decorate end tables, coffee tables, pedestals, and plant stands. Use Flexible plastic Wobble Wedges to shim tables on hard flooring materials. Use Rigid plastic Wobble Wedges to shim tables on soft flooring materials.

Elevate Framed Artwork

Place standard-size Wobble Wedges or Mini Wobble Wedges behind the bottom corners of framed artwork to lift artwork off the walls and prevent scuffs. This professional maneuver will elevate the artwork in any intentionally designed interior space. This technique is especially useful for gallery-style motifs and areas blending lots of different frame styles.

Shim Decorations & Antiques

Last, but certainly not least, use Mini Wobble Wedges to shim your precious decorations. Round objects, like sculptures and vases, can sit especially sound with a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge underfoot. Wobble Wedge shims work well for displaying small decorative objects, antiques, clocks, and natural objects like shells and rocks. Trim a wedge to be the exact size you need and use one of three colors available to blend them seamlessly into your interior design space.


Get started with a Wobble Wedge Variety Pack or Shop Shim Pack for your next interior design project.

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Easy Fixes for Furniture and Appliances on Uneven Floors

You just bought an incredible historic home and it’s time to start moving in your furniture. As the day wears on you notice a recurring theme, things just aren’t sitting right on the uneven hardwood floors. This is part of the charm of old homes but is definitely a nuisance when it comes to getting your bookshelves and end tables to sit level. If you know your home has uneven floors, equip yourself with a variety pack of Wobble Wedges to secure all of your furniture and appliances.

Level Furniture on Hardwood Floors, Carpet, and More

Wobble Wedge shims are available in three helpful sizes and can be stacked and combined to level any piece of residential or commercial furniture. Level bookshelves, end tables, chairs, couches, coffee tables, dining room tables, desks, benches, and more. The idea is simple! Simply insert a Wobble Wedge into the gap between the bottom of your furniture and the uneven flooring surface below it. Simply trim off any excess visible plastic for a professional and clean finish.

Level Kitchen Appliances on Uneven Floors

The kitchen looked perfect in the real estate photos and you didn’t notice anything during the inspection and walkthrough, but now that you’ve moved in it’s obvious that the kitchen floor is not level. The refrigerator door swings open if not perfectly closed and the dishwasher seems to wobble. Wobble Wedge plastic shims can also stabilize and level residential and commercial appliances. Each wedge can bear up to 2,000 pounds of weight and the patented ridges keep the wedges from sliding under pressure.

Level a Wobbly Toilet

This is another common issue with uneven floors and super easy to overlook at first! If your porcelain toilet doesn’t sit perfectly level on the floor it might rock or wobble when weight is applied to the toilet seat. Use a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge to shim the gap between the toilet and the flooring material. Trim any visible plastic and enjoy a secure, unflinching toilet.

Get Started with Wobble Wedges

Unsure where to start with Wobble Wedges? First, know that they are available in three different sizes and three different colors. They are also available in flexible and rigid plastic. Use Mini Wobble Wedges for your smallest wobbles and BigGap Wedges for your industrial-sized gaps, like appliances. Use a black, white, or clear Wobble Wedge respectively to best match the aesthetic of your environment. Get started at

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America’s Four Biggest Wobbles

There are four objects that Americans most commonly complain about wobbling in their household; tables, toilets, chairs, and desks. Most of us will encounter these wobbling objects many times throughout our lives. In this article, we’ll tell you how Wobble Wedge plastic shims were made to solve these very wobbles. No Wobble Wedges on hand? No worries! Get started with a Variety Pack to solve the majority of your household shim needs.

Fix Wobbly Tables

Is your table rocking because one of the legs is not making perfect contact with the ground? It’s a common occurrence as tables endure wear and tear or if they are placed on uneven flooring surfaces. Gone are the days of placing a matchbook or sugar packet under the table leg! Use a Wobble Wedge plastic shim to quickly and professionally fix your wobbly table. These plastic shims are available in three sizes and colors. Pick the right size and color for your project.

Stabilize Wobbly Toilets

For more than 35 years, Wobble Wedges have been the preferred solution for professional plumbers looking to quickly stabilize Wobbly toilets. These flexible plastic shims can hold up to 2,000 lbs, more than enough capacity for most residential and commercial toilet fixtures. Place one or multiple flexible plastic Wobble Wedges in the gap between the bottom of the porcelain and the floor until the toilet no longer rocks. Use a razor blade to trim away the excess shim material for a fully professional finish.

Level Wobbly Chairs

Wobble Wedges won’t fix every variety of wobbly chair, but they can be very handy for supporting decorative chairs, armchairs, and other types of chairs with leg-style supports. If the leg of the chair is not making perfect contact with the ground, and that is causing it to rock or wobble, use Wobble Wedges to shim the gap. Use the flexible plastic Wobble Wedges on hard flooring surfaces for maximum traction. Use the hard plastic Wobble Wedges on soft flooring material like carpets or rugs.

Stabilize Wobbly Desks

If the supports for your desk is sitting unevenly and that is causing your desk to rock or wobble, you can use Wobble Wedges to stabilize your workspace. Our desks hold some of our most expensive and valuable technology and not to mention the occasional cup of coffee or glass of water. It’s important that they sit perfectly stable. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to fill any gaps between the bottom of the desk supports and the flooring material.  

Get started with a Wobble Wedge Variety Pack and be prepared for all of life’s wobbles.

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Wobble Wedges: A Must-Have Tool for Event Planners and Caterers

Event planning and event production are not for the faint of heart. You have to be incredibly detail-oriented to think through every aspect of the event flow, what attendees will need to feel comfortable and satiated, and what infrastructure is required. Everything from extension cords to dessert spoons is likely to end up on the list for an event planner or large event caterer, but we’re here to tell you today that there’s one item missing from your kit; Wobble Wedges!

Wobble Wedge plastic shims have endless uses in the event setting, from shimming large, hot platters of food on uneven banquet tables, to stabilizing the sweetheart table for a perfectionist bride and groom. Wobble Wedges are available in three different sizes and can be stacked to combine using patented interlocking ridges. Make every event perfect by adding a Wobble Wedge Variety Pack to your toolkit.

Wobble Wedges Shim Dining and Banquet Tables

Level any of your event tables with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Many large scale events use rental services to provide the dining tables, banquet tables, bar tops, and more. This used equipment can get damaged over time and lean, rock, or wobble especially if the tables are placed on uneven surfaces like gravel, dirt, or pavers. Use one or multiple Wobble Wedges under a table leg to stabilize the table.

Shim and Stabilize Catering Trays and Dishes

Catered meals for large events can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s incredibly important that every detail is perfect when it comes to presentation and serving. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level and stabilize catering trays and serving dishes, even if they contain hot food. Flexible plastic Wobble Wedge shims can even be used to keep dishes from slipping, sliding, or shifting on slippery surfaces. The flexible plastic shim and patented ridges offer a rubbery grip for heavy dishes full of food.

Mini Wobble Wedges for Centerpieces and Displays

The smallest shim in the Wobble Wedge family is the Mini Wedge. Use this little guy for polishing off perfect centerpiece displays! Shim glass pieces, vases, floral arrangements, photo frames, and more with Mini Wobble Wedges. Available in clear plastic, these little wedges will blend seamlessly into your display. Event attendees will only notice the quality of the arrangement.

Add Wobble Wedge Variety Pack to Your Kit


These are just a few of the ways to use Wobble Wedges as an event planner or caterer. Add a Variety Pack to your preparedness kit so you can ensure every detail is perfect whether you’re facilitating a wedding, a community event, or any gathering that demands attention to detail.

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Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble Wedges

Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble Wedges

We love old houses because of their character and charm, not because of their perfectly level flooring. If you live in an old home or a home that has incurred some type of environmental damage or shift, you may be struggling with uneven flooring in different parts of your house. Uneven flooring is particularly prevalent in basements, garages, and other workspaces with concrete or dirt floors. In spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms living with uneven flooring becomes a nuisance, causing furniture and appliances to rock and tilt. Wobble Wedge plastic shims can help stabilize furniture and appliances in residential and commercial spaces where uneven flooring is an issue.

Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble WedgesLevel Furniture on Uneven Hard Floors

If you have wooden floors that have become warped or another hard flooring material, use Flexible Plastic Wobble Wedge shims to stabilize your furniture. The flexible plastic and patented ridges will keep your furniture firmly in place. Stack multiple shims as needed to gain height. These shims work well for residential appliances on kitchen flooring, bookshelves on hardwood floors, cabinetry on tile flooring, and more.

Level Furniture on Soft Flooring

Wobble Wedge shims work for furniture on soft flooring materials, like carpets and rugs, as well. On soft flooring materials, use a Rigid Plastic Wobble Wedge to help stabilize and level furniture items like couches, coffee tables, bookshelves, and more. Using a Wobble Wedge shim under the legs of heavy furniture items will also help reduce impressions left on carpet and other soft flooring materials.

Wedges for Appliances on Unfinished Floors

If you have appliances going into an unfinished space like a basement or garage with unfinished floors, use BigGap Wobble Wedges to help elevate and level appliances off the ground. BigGap wedges can support up to 2,000 lbs and won’t shrink, rot, or swell if exposed to the elements like moisture. 

Small Wedges for Small Wobbles

For your tiniest wobbles, use a mini Wobble Wedge plastic shim to level and stabilize furniture or appliances. These are the smallest plastic wedges in the Wobble Wedge family, but they come in handy when other wedges are just too large. Mini Wobble Wedges are available in Rigid and Flexible plastic varieties, so apply the same rules described above—Flexible plastic on hard flooring materials and Rigid plastic on soft flooring materials.

Get started with a Variety Pack of Wobble Wedges to experiment with solving all of your uneven flooring discrepancies. A Variety Pack includes standard-sized wedges, BigGap shims, and Mini Wobble Wedges in Flexible and Rigid plastic. 

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How to Level an Oven and Other Large Kitchen Appliances

Our kitchen appliances are among the hardest working machines in our homes. The average family runs more than 210 loads through their dishwasher every year and most households are using their ovens and stovetops on a daily basis. Typically, once properly installed, most large kitchen appliances will remain level and stable for many years to come. But a new appliance or an improperly installed appliance would be sitting unevenly on your kitchen flooring material. Possibly even rocking and causing a safety hazard in your home. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level and stabilize large kitchen appliances like an oven for complete and proper installation.

Professional Installation vs. Self Install

When purchasing new appliances, homeowners have the option to pay for professional installation, typically provided by the delivery persons. For an extra fee they will hook up plumbing and electrical components to your new appliance, and typically remove the old appliance. Ideally, they have also leveled your appliance to perfection on your kitchen flooring material. If not, you can use Wobble Wedges to level your large kitchen appliances after the fact.

If you’ve chosen self-installation, have your Wobble Wedges on hand to make leveling your appliances a breeze. BigGap Wobble Wedges can support up to 2,000 lbs, which is amply sufficient for supporting most standard residential ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Do note that most appliances have self-leveling feet installed by the manufacturer that only need to be turned to manipulate the height of the appliance. If the self-leveling feet provided by the manufacturer are insufficient, use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to fill the gap.

Level and Stabilize an Oven

Having a level oven is extremely important for a number of reasons. One being counter height; if an oven is not properly leveled on all four feet it will align inconsistently with the counter height. It will also cause heavy and hot pots and pans used on the stovetop and inside the oven to possibly lean or spill, creating a safety hazard for your family. Use the self-leveling feet provided by the manufacturer and Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level all four corners of the oven. Place a level on top of the stove top surface and level the appliance left to right and back to front. Keep in mind as you adjust one foot it will affect the other three corners.

Shim Other Large Kitchen Appliances

Have other large kitchen appliances that need to be leveled? Dishwashers, refrigerators, and other large residential kitchen appliances can be leveled with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Use the same methodology of placing a level on top of the appliance. Use the self-leveling feet and the Wobble Wedge shims to ensure the appliance is level from side to side and back to back. Get started with the Wobble Wedge ShopShim variety pack to have three different sizes of wedges on hand. These plastic shims won’t rot or expand if exposed to highly likely kitchen moisture.

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Which Plumbing Suppliers Carry Wobble Wedges?

For more than 30 years Wobble Wedges have been the plumber’s wedge of preference for quickly shimming toilets, securing pipes, leveling cabinets, and more. Wobble Wedge plastic shims are available in flexible and rigid plastic and can support up to 2,000 lbs of weight. They are perfect for use in plumbing environments, as they will not shrink, rot, or expand like wooden shims when exposed to moisture. You can order Wobble Wedge shims online on this website, or you can add Wobble Wedges to your shopping cart when ordering products through these popular plumbing supply stores.

Plumbing Suppliers:


This plumbing supply store has been in business since 1955. It’s an employee-owned company that also offers electrical and heating and cooling supplies. Add Wobble Wedges to your cart the next time you shop with Locke.

Charles D. Jones (Eastern Colorado & Kansas City)

A wholesale distributor of HVAC supplies and related tools serving eastern Colorado and Kansas City. Visit their website to learn more about their services, but note that online ordering is not an option.

Gene Rich

In addition to being a plumbing supplies manufacturer, Gene Rich also has a large online catalog of their own and related products, including Wobble Wedges! Add Wobble Wedges to your cart the next time you shop with Gene Rich.

Spectrum (Canada Only)

Our Canadian customers can add Wobble Wedges to their online order when shopping with Spectrum. They house an enormous online catalog of plumbing supplies including Wobble Wedges. Visit their website to learn more.

Hardware Stores:

McGuckins Hardware (Boulder, Colorado)

We are proud to see our products in our local hardware store, McGuckins in Boulder, Colorado. Shop in person for all Wobble Wedge ShopShim Variety Packs, 30 packs, and more.

Ace Hardware (Various Locations)

Another small-town classic, Ace Hardware also carries Wobble Wedges at a variety of their locations. Shop online or in person.

True Value Hardware (Various Locations)

These specialty hardware stores also carry Wobble Wedges at various locations. Shop online or visit in person.

Home Depot Pro (Pro Account Required)

Professional contractors with a Home Depot Pro account can order Wobble Wedges online through Home Depot. Order BigGap shims, 30-packs, and more.

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How to Stabilize a Patio Umbrella

When the summer sun gets hot, a patio umbrella offers soothing relief and the ability to continue enjoying your outdoor spaces. However, patio umbrellas are notoriously troublesome, especially if the wind is blowing at all. Taller patio umbrellas will lean, rock, wobble, and tilt even when placed in their weighted stands and run through the requisite hole in the center of the table. Wobble Wedge plastic shims can help stabilize patio umbrellas to improve safety and functionality when used in a variety of ways. Additionally, Wobble Wedge plastic shims won’t shirk, rot, or swell when exposed to the elements, and can be left outside all year long.

Stabilize The Base of a Patio Umbrella

If the base of your patio umbrella doesn’t sit evenly, use a BigGap Wobble Wedge to shim and stabilize it. Simply identify where the largest gap exists between the base and the ground underneath. Then slide a BigGap Wobble Wedge into place. Use the patented interlocking ridges to stack multiple wedges if needed. If the umbrella itself wobbles in the base, use a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge to fill any space between the pole of the umbrella and the supporting structure of the base. Flexible Wobble Wedges can be bent around the pole to perfectly fill any gap found here. Use two wedges on either side of the pole for the most balanced support.

Stabilize a Patio Umbrella Running Through a Table

Most patio tables that come with an umbrella have a hole in the center of the table designed to accommodate the umbrella pole. If the diameter of the hole is significantly larger than the pole of the umbrella it can lean, rock, and sway dramatically, especially if the wind is blowing. This is another perfect use for flexible plastic Wobble Wedges. Use as many flexible wedges as you need to fill the gap between the umbrella pole and the table. Use wedges on both sides for maximum support and balance.

Support Free-Standing Umbrellas, Patio Furniture, and More

While you’re making your patio picture-perfect for the summertime, don’t forget your Wobble Wedges. Flexible plastic and rigid plastic shims can help stabilize free-standing umbrellas, patio heaters, grills, and other patio furniture. This is especially useful on uneven surfaces, like inlaid stone, grass, or gravel. Ensure your patio is ready to entertain with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Get started with a Variety Pack from our online shop and enjoy free shipping in the US.

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4 Ways to Use Wobble Wedges During the Holidays

As you grab down your half dozen bins of holiday decorations from storage, remember to grab your Wobble Wedge Variety Pack! There are dozens of different ways to use Wobble Wedges over the holidays, from hanging exterior Christmas lights to stabilizing real and artificial Christmas trees. Wobble Wedges are more than just a handyman’s tool. This simple plastic shim can stabilize furniture, antiques, decorations, and more. Here are some of our favorite ways you’ll find to use Wobble Wedges over the holidays in your home or business.

Stabilize Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

A leaning Christmas tree can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Especially for decorators who take so much pride in their Christmas ornaments, it’s not worth risking the tree falling over for any unforeseen reason. By simply inserting a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge shim between the trunk of the tree (real or artificial) and the tree stand you can compensate for any gaps or leaning. Tighten the tree stand screws directly into the plastic Wobble Wedges to securely and firmly hold the tree in place. If the tree stand itself is sitting unevenly on the floor, use Wobble Wedges to shim and stabilize the feet of the tree stand.

Protect Fragile Antiques and Decorations

If you are the type of holiday enthusiast that covers the mantel and other display nooks with Christmas decorations you know that it’s an art form getting everything to sit perfectly in its place. Flexible plastic Mini Wobble Wedges can help stabilize and protect antiques and other fragile Christmas decorations. Don’t suffer a heartbreaking loss from your antique nativity set, protect ceramics, porcelain, and metal sculptures and figurines with clear plastic shims. The flexible plastic shims allow objects to grip onto slick surfaces, reducing the likelihood of objects falling off shelves or tables.

Level A Menorah

Wobble Wedges aren’t just an asset for those celebrating Christmas! Mini Wobble Wedges and Standard Sized Wobble Wedges are ideal for leveling and stabilizing Menorahs and other balanced candelabras. The candles in an off-kilter Menorah will not burn evenly. By leveling your Menorah the candles will burn evenly and consistently, as necessary for the proper celebration of Hanukkah and other affiliated holidays.

Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights

You might be wondering, ‘How can Wobble Wedges help me hang my exterior Christmas lights?’ The answer lies in the help, screw-sized hole found at the top of all Wobble Wedges. We innovated this feature so that handy-folks could affix wedges as needed for certain construction projects. Consider if you were wanting to hide some electrical cords along your baseboard, a Wobble Wedge could be mounted in place to hold and hide the cords. Similarly, you can use Wobble Wedges to mount exterior Christmas lights. Use white or clear Wobble Wedges as necessary to make your handiwork disappear.

Ready to stock up for the holidays? Shop Wobble Wedges here.