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Solve Wobbly Tables with Wobble Wedge®

Wobbly restaurant or cafe tables can ruin your customer’s experience. An uneven table can lead to spilled drinks and a spoiled time at a restaurant, coffee shop, or brewery. Say goodbye to sugar packets, matchbooks, and stacked napkins. Wobble Wedges® offer a professional solution to your wobbly table problem. Available in a variety of colors, Wobble Wedge can blend right into your restaurant atmosphere and provide a permanent and professional fix.

Quick Fix for Wobbly Tables

You’re an amazing server, restaurant owner, or cafe manager and you just noticed a table in your establishment is rocking. Don’t let the lattes spill or your in-house brew froth onto the table top! No more matchbooks or napkin stacks that eventually abandon their post and leave a mess on the floor. Keep a jar of Wobble Wedges behind the counter to quickly, permanently, and professionally fix your wobbly tables. Simply slip one of our patented plastic shims under the leg of your table to fill any gap caused by uneven flooring or uneven table legs. Our interlocking ridge system will hold the Wobble Wedge in place.

Flexible Wedges on Hard Flooring for No-Slip Grip

Wobble Wedges are available in rigid and flexible plastic. Use Soft Plastic Wobble Wedges on hard flooring material for the ultimate no-slip grip. If your restaurant or cafe has hard flooring, such as hardwood, concrete floors, tile, or laminate soft plastic wedges are the solution that you’re looking for. Stack up multiple wedges for your extreme table wobbles. The interlocking ridges prevent Wobble Wedges from slipping apart under pressure. Wobble Wedges can hold up to 2,000 pounds so your customer’s meals and drinks will be safe and sound no matter what.

Promote a Professional Atmosphere with Blend-In Colors

Your establishment is nicer than a dirty stack of napkins stuffed under a table leg. How embarrassing when a customer sees your makeshift solution. Promote a professional atmosphere with a professional solution that blends in seamlessly with your restaurant ambiance. Wobble Wedges are available in a variety of colors; white, clear, and black. Choose the color that will blend in with your flooring and tables. No migrating sugar packets or rogue matchbook stacks that will end up in your customer’s Yelp review.

Make sure your restaurant gets every star it deserves! Don’t lose ratings because of wobbly, uneven tables and sloshy, spilled drinks. Use Wobble Wedges to professionally solve your wobbly tables. Keep a jar of Wobble Wedges at your server station to keep your staff on point and provide an easy solution to such a common problem. Click here to shop Wobble Wedges for restaurants, cafes, breweries, bars, and other dining establishments.

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Wobble Wedges ® Fresh New Look

Wobble Wedges fresh new look

New packaging, Same Great Product

Wobble Wedges ® have been the go-to leveling and stabilizing solution for industry professionals for over 30 years. Developed and designed by a family-owned Boulder based company dedicated to serving our customers quality solutions. We felt that a new decade warranted a fresh new look for our brand, with a new focus on the everyday consumers’ needs too. To this end we’ve revamped our packaging for our plastic shims, redone our logo, and overhauled our website. We hope this new look reminds our customers that Wobble Wedges ® offer an intuitive solution from an easy-to-use tool with limitless possibilities. 

Why? We Want to be the Hero of All Household Projects!

Simple and straightforward in its design, Wobble Wedges ® are engineered to be user-friendly and intuitive to implement. Perfect for at-home uses, our plastic shims are multi-purpose tools that empower users to tackle all types of home, office, and outdoor improvement challenges. Patented interlocking technology allows you to securely stack all sizes of plastic shims in combination; customizing the product to fit each fix-it need. Multiple color options and trimmable features ensure adaptability, from shimming a table leg to laying concrete slabs. Our plastic shims offer a quick fix that’s durable enough to be used, and then reused, time and time again.

New Packaging, Same Great Product

Our fresh new packaging and smaller consumer sized containers will practically jump into your hand at the hardware store! For our 30 count and 75 count packages we have replaced the old PVC jars with paperboard packaging that is more eco-friendly. In the near future you can also expect smaller packages to be available at your local hardware store and on our website. These smaller package options will give our customers the option to buy only a few plastic shims at a time. Making Wobble Wedges ® even more accessible to the average consumer. 

The Go-To Plastic Shim for Industry Tradesmen

Wobble Wedges ® are still the go-to for industry tradesmen (plumbers, contractors, maintenance, etc) and restaurants! The ultimate solution for wobbly toilets and tables, our plastic shims can be reused over and over again! We are proud to offer the only sustainable wedge of its kind; designed to weather the elements and burden of time. Making our tapered shims the perfect choice for all kinds of jobs.

Like what you see? Go follow Wobble Wedges ® on your platform of choice, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and browse revamped products in the shop!

Plastic shims
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10 Uses for BigGap™ Wobble Wedges®

BigGap Wobble Wedges

Our Biggest Plastic Shim Can Be Used For All Kinds of Jobs

Our BigGap™ Wobble Wedges® are our tallest plastic shims and are available in both hard/rigid and soft/flexible plastic. They come as a double-wide shim that can easily be cut and/or snapped into two individual shims. This means they can be used in a lot of applications. Here are just a few examples of how to use our BigGap Wobble Wedges:

1. Shimming Big Spaces

Our plastic shims come in three sizes: Mini, Standard, and BigGap™. The Standard is .25” tall, while the BigGap™ is .48”. So if you have a space larger than .25”, you can either stack two Standard wedges or use a BigGap™. Just like all of our plastic shims they can be safely stacked because of the patented interlocking ridges. And if you have a space that is .48” or larger you want to grab a BigGap™ or two. BigGaps™ make it easy to fill a really large space, as they can be stacked as high as you need!

2. Stop Table Legs Sinking Into Moist Lawns

If you’ve set up an outdoor get together or are a catering company you know that soft ground means table legs sinking into the grass. To stop this you need to spread out the weight of the table over a larger area than the small table leg. We recommend using BigGaps™ to do this. Place either a single-wide BigGap™ or the double-wide version under the table feet to spread out the weight and keep your table from toppling over.

3. Scraping Off Gunk

One of our favorite creative uses for BigGap Wobble Wedges is using them to scrape off gunk! The hard plastic makes it easy to scrape off sticky labels, build up on your grill, and many other sticky situations too. The ridges on our plastic shims work together to repeatedly scrape the surface, making it easier to get off stuck-on gunk!

4. Propping Open Appliance Doors

After your dishwasher or washing machine runs a cycle it’s a good idea to prop open the door to keep them from getting musty. This is easily done with a BigGap™ plastic shim! Simply wedge the BigGap™ into the door and allow the weight of the door to hold it in place. This keeps the door propped open just enough to allow airflow, but not too much that the door will swing open.

BigGap Wobble Wedges propping open a washing machine door.

5. Level Concrete Blocks or Pavers

Hard plastic Wobble Wedges® are great for working with concrete. Because the hard plastic doesn’t react with water or concrete, you won’t get any discoloration or deterioration like with other shims. BigGaps™ are ideal for leveling pavers to make a walkway or stacking concrete blocks while building a wall

6. Door Stop

The BigGap™ is our tallest plastic shim at 0.48”. This makes it tall enough to be used as a door stop. And if it’s not quite tall enough for your door, with our patented interlocking ridges you can stack two BigGaps™ and they will stay securely stacked to keep your door propped open. 

7. Lift Potted Plants for Better Drainage

If your potted plants are sitting flat on the ground, lifting them up will help water flow out and improve drainage. Using BigGaps™ in a “flat stack” (see image), place 2-4 stacks (depending on size) evenly spaced under your planter or pot. This will evenly lift the pot up so water doesn’t stay trapped under it leading to root rot.

Two BigGap Wobble Wedges stacked tapered end to wide end to make a flat stack

8. Stop Compression Marks

Similar to keeping tables from sinking in grass, Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can be used to stop indoor furniture from leaving compression marks. Use BigGaps™ underneath table legs or furniture feet to disperse the weight. This will prevent those hard to remove carpet indentations. Learn more in this blog post.

9. Keep You Grill Stable

Most patios and decks aren’t perfectly level. So if you’re working at a hot grill you’ll want to stabilize it for safety reasons. You can use BigGap Wobble Wedges as chock blocks to stop caster feet from rolling. Or to level your grill if one foot doesn’t make good contact with your deck. Learn more about this on our blog post about how to stabilize grills.

10. Leveling Garage Workbenches

Garage floors are set up to drain to the door or to a floor drain. This means that they have a slight pitch to them so that water flows. It also means that almost anything in your garage is going to lean because the floor isn’t level. When working at your workbench you want it to be stable so you can safely use tools. We recommend using hard/rigid BigGaps™ to bring your workbench up to level. Learn more on our blog, “How to Level a Workbench.”

Plastic shims
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Wobble Wedge®: The History of Plastic Shims

Plastic shim

What Led Us to the First Patented Plastic Shim with Interlocking Ridges

The history of shims starts long before plastic was around. In fact shims or wedges are some of the oldest technology that humans developed. Early shims were made from stone, wood, antlers, and various other natural materials. But modern times call for modern materials, and we needed a solution that didn’t deteriorate or slide around when stacked. So we developed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim with interlocking ridges. And now over 30 years after it was first created, our plastic shim is still the leader in shim technology.

When Did Humans Develop the Shim?

Shims or wedges are considered one of the six “simple machines” developed by early humans. This list includes the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, and inclined plane. Shims have been around since the stone age, and even pre-date the invention of the wheel. Bronze wedges were used in quarries in Ancient Egypt circa 3,000BC to break and shape rock during mining. There is also evidence that Native Americans used antler wedges to build canoes and dwellings. They also used stone wedges to make tools such as axes and knives (both of which are types of wedges themselves). 

Why Shim Technology Needed New Ideas

With thousands of years of development, interestingly wedges have mostly stayed the same. The most common types of shims are smooth and made of metal or wood. These have their advantages and disadvantages. Metals can be very strong, taking a lot of force, but they can also rust, degrade, and stain other materials when in contact with water. Metal is also quite expensive, and not easily manipulated. Wooden shims on the other hand are cheap, and easily manipulated and shaped. But wood can also warp, rot, and stain other materials when water is present. Both of these options work in certain situations, but they have limitations.

Plastic Shims with interlocking ridges

A New, Modern Shim for Stability

Living in a 115 year old home that didn’t have a level floor board in it, meant all of our furniture wobbled and listed. We decided that we needed a solution that offered stability. Stacking metal, wood, or plastic shims that were available at the time always resulted in the shims slipping and not staying in place. Shims needed some way to grip that would allow them to stack safely and remain firmly where you needed them. This is why we decided to invent the Wobble Wedge®.

The First Patented Plastic Shim with Interlocking Ridges

Wobble Wedges® were invented in 1985 to create a truly modern plastic shim that could eliminate the issues of other shims that were in the market at the time. We designed Wobble Wedges® as an interlocking modular system of tapered shims. The interlocking ridges allowed Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to stack on top of each other. Each plastic shim was designed to resist movement from all directions, no sliding side to side or forward and back. This allowed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim to stay where you put it, be that gripping a surface or gripping another Wobble Wedge®. We didn’t set out to get patents, but ultimately our designs earned 2 patents for our interlocking ridges. 

Wobble Wedge®, the Most Versatile Modern Plastic Shim

Wobble Wedges® are made from plastic because it won’t rot, warp or cause discoloration when in contact with water. It’s also cheap, durable, and allows us to make plastic shims in both hard/rigid and soft/flexible options. Our hard/rigid plastic shims can take +2,000lbs of force, while the soft/flexible versions are strong and cushioned enough to use with delicate porcelain. We also designed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim in 4 sizes with the same interlocking ridges so that you can use all 4 sizes together. Wobble Wedges® are equally effective at stabilizing a wobbly restaurant table, installing a toilet or leveling a backyard fountain as they are in shimming aluminium aircraft panels on an industrial assembly line.

Plastic shims
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7 Ways to Use Wobble Wedges® in Restaurants

wobbling restaurant tables

Ideal for Front and Back of House

Making an enjoyable experience for your customers is a key factor in making loyal diners. One of the most common front of house issues is wobbling restaurant tables. Luckily Wobble Wedge® plastic shims offer a sleek and professional option, and can be used in numerous ways in the back of house too. Read on for 7 ways you can use Wobble Wedge® plastic shims in your Restaurant.

Stop Wobbling Restaurant Tables

Most restaurants use unsightly wads of napkins or matchbooks to prop up their tables, leaving a less than professional look for diners. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims have been used for more than 30 years to level and stop wobbling restaurant tables. They blend in so that your customers will probably never even notice. Our standard soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims come in black, white, and clear/translucent, so they will stop the wobbles and match your decor flawlessly. They can be carried around by staff in aprons and quickly used even while diners are sitting at the table, making for a quick and easy solution. Read more in our blog “A Professional Solution for Wobbly Cafe Tables.”

wobbling restaurant tables

Set-up Sturdy Outdoor Tables

If you have outdoor seating or do catering for events, you might have to contend with some pretty uneven ground when setting up tables. If the ground is really uneven you might need more than one of our standard plastic shims. Luckily they have patented interlocking ridges that allow them to be securely stacked to whatever height you need to fill. Another option for large wobbles are BigGap™ plastic shims which are nearly twice as tall as the standard wedges. They can also be used under the feet of tables setup on grass to prevent the table legs from sinking into the dirt. 

Keep Table Umbrellas in Place

If you have patio seating you probably also have umbrellas to protect your customers from the sun. Some umbrellas just aren’t meant to handle much wind and are easily blown out of place causing annoyance for your guests. If the umbrella is loose in the tabletop hole it can not only move, but it can also rattle as it hits the sides of the hole. To stop this annoyance, simply place one or two soft plastic Wobble Wedge® shims into the hole, wedging the umbrella in place. Now it won’t make noise and it won’t move!

Keep Cutting Boards in Place

Your kitchen staff can also benefit from Wobble Wedge® plastic shims. Cutting boards often slide around on metal work surfaces, creating a hazard for your staff. The ridges on Wobble Wedges® combined with the soft plastic means that they provide a grip as well as leveling for cutting boards. So if cuttings boards are rocking and moving on your cooks, soft Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can secure them in place making a safer work area for staff. Read more about how to “Stabilize a Cutting Board.”

Non Slip Grip for Cutting Board

Level Large Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant kitchens contain with large equipment from ranges to ovens to ice machines to refrigerators and more. All of this equipment can turn into a hazard for staff if it’s unsteady. Luckily hard/rigid Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can take +2,000 lbs of force, meaning they can stabilize even the most heavy of kitchen appliances. Learn “How to Shim Kitchen Appliances.”

Stop Unsteady Shelving in Walk-in Refrigerators

Walk-in refrigerators are filled with floor to ceiling shelving units. Uneven shelving could lead to food falling to the floor, a clear health code violation. So keeping them steady and secure is vital for your restaurant. Our Wobble Wedge® plastic shims will safely shore-up your shelving and will also be more sanitary than folded cardboard. The plastic is impermeable to water and won’t warp or discolor flooring.

Stabilize Countertop Appliances

If your kitchen has small countertop appliances they can rock or move out of place on slick work surfaces. They also typically don’t have adjustable feet like larger appliances. So if they scoot around or wobble every time you open the door, they need to be shimmed. Soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are ideal if the appliance is slipping around on your counter, because the patented interlocking ridges grip the slick surface. Place soft/flexible Mini Wobble Wedges® under the feet to stop sliding. And if you need a bigger shim use standard Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to stop rocking and wobbling.

PLEASE NOTE: Wobble Wedges® should not come in contact with direct flame or any surfaces that reach temperatures +200 Fahrenheit.

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Hard & Soft Plastic Shims Work Together

Plastic Shims with interlocking ridges

Combine Wobble Wedges® for Versatile Functions

One word that should come to mind when you think of Wobble Wedges is “versatility”. The hard and soft plastic shims are perfect for different functions. From working great as furniture levelers to stopping items from sliding on your hardwood floors, and so many uses in between. But the best part of Wobble Wedge® shims is that they can be used together to add even more uses.

Hard Shims for Furniture on Soft Flooring

Hard plastic shims are great for supporting furniture on carpets or soft flooring, where the firm shim will give the stability you need. They also work great with heavy items, like a wobbly workbench in your garage. Use the hard plastic shims, which come in black or clear, under the workbench to keep it steady while you work! Wobble Wedge hard plastic shims can support over 2,000 lbs, so even your heaviest items can be stabilized.

Soft Furniture Shims for Items on Hard Flooring

Soft plastic shims are perfect when the item you’re supporting is delicate or dentable, like a vintage wood cabinet, and the soft plastic means they won’t leave a mark on your cabinet or on your floor. They also work great on hard flooring, like hardwood, tile, or laminate. The soft rubber “grips” the floor and keeps your furniture from sliding. If you sit down on your couch and it moves a few inches each time, pretty soon it’ll be in another room! But luckily you can use soft plastic shims, which come in three colors, black, clear, and white, to keep your furniture in place, no more sliding!

Combine Shims for Versatile Uses

The best part of Wobble Wedges is that the hard and soft shims can be combined to work together! Need to level a wooden cabinet on carpeting? A hard plastic shim gives stability on the carpeted floor, and use a soft shim to pad the delicate woodwork of the cabinet. With the patented interlocking ridges on Wobble Wedges using two shims together means they won’t slip! Have a heavy table that you don’t want sliding around on your laminate flooring? Use a soft shim to stop it from sliding, and a hard shim to firmly hold that heavy table in place.

Another great aspect of Wobble Wedges is that you can combine the different sizes to fill any gap. Stack two or stack five, the interlocking ridges will keep them firmly together. Use a Big Gap wedge with a Standard Sized wedge to fill a ¾ inch or larger space. A Standard Sized shim and a Mini Wobble Wedge can be combined for spaces less than half an inch. Two Big Gap wedges can fill nearly a 1 inch gap, really the combinations are endless!

Ready for the most versatile shims you’ll ever need?

Shop All Wobble Wedges

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How to Level a Refrigerator

Use Wobble Wedge® refrigerator leveling shims to stabilize your fridge

Does your refrigerator wobble when you open it? Or does your refrigerator door swing wide open when you’re reaching in for the milk? These are signs that your refrigerator is sitting on an uneven floor and needs to be leveled. Commercial and residential refrigerators are prone to wobbling on uneven flooring material, and sometimes, the adjustable feet just aren’t enough (if your fridge has adjustable feet at all)! Wobble Wedge® plastic refrigerator leveling shims will help you level and stabilize your fridge to stop wobbling, rolling, and out of control doors.

Level a fridge on an uneven floor

Refrigerators are large, rigid, bulky appliances. They are incredibly unforgiving when placed on an uneven flooring material. Most floors start to slope and sag over time, especially under the weight of a heavy appliance like a fridge, making it nearly impossible to position a refrigerator on a perfectly even surface. Our Wobble Wedge plastic refrigerator leveling shims are perfect for leveling and stabilizing all four corners of your fridge. Simply slip one of our tapered plastic shims under the corner of your refrigerator for instant stabilization.

Help! My refrigerator door SWINGS open!

Does this sound familiar? You walk to your fridge and crack the door open about a foot to quickly grab a gallon of milk off the shelf. While you’re grabbing the milk, the refrigerator door violently swings open and slams into the cabinets on the other side. You’re so startled you nearly drop the milk! When a refrigerator door uncontrollably swings open, it’s a sign that your fridge is off balance. Most likely, the corner opposite the hinges of the door, needs to be elevated slightly.

Appliance shim

How to level a refrigerator

  1. To see if your fridge is off balance, place your palms firmly on the front of the refrigerator (with the door closed). See if you can rock the fridge back slightly. If the fridge has any ‘rock’, tilt, lean, or wobble, this in an indication that it’s sitting on an uneven surface and needs to be leveled.
  2.  If your refrigerator rocks or leans, place a level on top of the fridge, place both palms firmly on the front of the fridge (with the door closed), and gently rock the refrigerator into a level position. Have a helper find which corner of the fridge is raised off the ground.
  3.  Simply slide a Wobble Wedge plastic refrigerator leveling shim under the corner of your refrigerator until the gap between the appliance and the floor is closed. Our tapered leveling shims are perfect for filling any sized gap. Commercial kitchens will prefer the BigGap leveling wedge for stabilizing industrial sized refrigerators. Renters and homeowners can utilize our standard sized plastic shims, available in a variety of colors to blend seamlessly into your environment.

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How to Level & Stabilize Home Appliances

Appliance shim

Wobble Wedge® shims quiet kitchen appliances and stop rattling washing machines

You’re humming away in your kitchen when a sudden and frightening noise descends upon you. Is the washing machine off balance in the laundry room? Or is the dishwasher going haywire? Like an investigator you frantically search throughout the house for the source of the wretched noise. Quiet kitchen appliances and stop rattling washing machines with Wobble Wedge plastic leveling wedge shims.

Level home appliance

Identify the source of the sound

Is your appliance making a sound because it’s positioned on uneven flooring? Wooden floors can become soft and uneven after years of ware and floors can become sloped as houses settle and age. Rigid appliances are incredibly unforgiving when it comes to uneven flooring surfaces. To determine if stability is the source of your sound, place both hands firmly on the appliances and gently attempt to rock the appliance back and forth. If the appliances rocks and rattles, you know uneven flooring is to blame.

Level and stabilize with a plastic shim

Place a level on top of your appliance, and with both hands placed firmly on the appliance, gently sway the appliance into position. Use a Wobble Wedge leveling shim to fill the gap between the base of the appliance and the floor. Wobble Wedges are available in a variety of sizes and colors to seamlessly blend into your environment. Use BigGap Wedges for industrial and commercial sized appliances. Standard Wobble Wedges are an ideal leveling wedge for medium sized appliances like dishwashers and ovens. Use hard plastic Wobble Wedges® for appliances on soft flooring materials and soft plastic Wobble Wedges for appliances on hard flooring.

Patented ridges prevent slipping or sliding

Our patented plastic wedge design features offset ridges that prevent the wedge and your appliances from slipping or sliding from their position. This is especially helpful when silencing a rattling washing machine or any other appliance with a strong enough motor to wobble out of its position. Use a soft plastic Wobble Wedge to level an appliance on hard flooring with a particular propensity for wobbling out of position and creating noise. Click here to browse the complete line of Wobble Wedge plastic shims.

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A Professional Solution for Wobbly Cafe Tables

Fix a wobbly table

Stabilize Restaurant and Cafe Tables with Wobble Wedges®

Owning and operating a successful restaurant is all about providing a positive customer service experience. From your menus to your waitstaff, the experiencing of dining at your establishment needs to be memorable enough for customers to want to return and tell their friends. Something like a wobbly table can really obscure a customer’s experience at your restaurant. Even if your presentation is top notch, a customer will feel like your restaurant is “cheap” if your tables are rocking and uneven. A wobbly cafe table can cause spilled $4 lattes and a rocking table at a fine dining establishment, forget it! Use Wobble Wedges furniture levelers for a seamless, professional solution.

Fix a wobbly table

No more matchbooks under your table legs

The days of the makeshift shim are behind us! Wobble Wedges offers a professional solution to our wobbly cafe table problem. Servers can keep Wobble Wedges in the pocket of their aprons to stop rocking tables in a flash, or keep a box of Wobble Wedge plastic shims on hand with your other maintenance supplies. Our patented furniture levelers come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can choose the Wobble Wedge best suited for your environment. Our soft plastic leveling wedges are ideal for tables on a hard flooring surface. These crafty plastic shims feature unique pattern of ridges that will keep the wedge from slipping out from under your table leg.

Combine wedges to fix your mightiest wobbles

Wobble Wedges are designed with a unique patented system of off set ridges that allow the shims to be combined and stacked without risk of slipping or sliding. Combine multiple wedges to fix your most uneven restaurant and cafe tables. Our standard size wedges are perfect for stabilizing cafe tables and our BigGap Wobble Wedges are perfect for stabilizing large appliances in your kitchen. Order a Wobble Wedge variety pack and have an assortment of plastic shims available for any number of leveling needs around your restaurant.

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Stabilize a Cutting Board

Stabilize a cutting board with wobble wedges

Level Cuttings Boards with Homeowner’s Favorite Plastic Shim

Wooden cutting boards warp when exposed to water and become wobbly and uneven. Wooden and plastic cutting boards can slip on your counter and cause an accident while you’re chopping. It’s not only annoying, but dangerous to have wobbly, wiggly cutting boards in your kitchen at home. For restaurant owners, or employers in a commercial kitchen space, learning how to keep a cutting board from slipping could prevent a stressful accident or workers comp claim. Luckily, Wobble Wedges® makes it easy to stabilize a cutting board with a flexible plastic shim available in a variety of sizes.

Level a cutting board with wobble wedges

An Aesthetically Pleasing, Permanent Solution

Some articles online suggest using a damp towel, shelf liner, or rubber bands to keep a cutting board from slipping, but none of these options provides an aesthetically pleasing, permanent solution quite like a Wobble Wedge®. Our patented plastic shims are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can choose a wedge that will level your cutting board and seamlessly blend into your kitchen. The unique, interlocking ridges make Wobble Wedges stackable and interlocking so you can fix a warped cutting board without worrying about your shims slipping loose.

Non Slip Grips for Cutting Boards

Non Slip Grip for Cutting Board

Keep your cutting boards from slipping on any counter surface with Wobble Wedges. Our soft plastic shims are flexible and grippable. Place Wobble Wedges under the back corners of your cutting boards to create non slip grips. Wobble Wedges won’t slip or slide as you chop or apply pressure to the board. Our unique plastic shims are also trimmable, so you can cut away the excess wedge material, and leave your workspace looking completely professional and polished.

Wobble Wedges have been used by restaurant owners for years as a professional solution to wobbly tables. Bring the technology of the industry’s favorite plastic shim into your kitchen; stabilize your cutting boards, stop appliances from rocking, level counter tops, and more with Wobble Wedges. Browse our complete line of Wobble Wedges or get started with the Wobble Wedge variety pack!