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Fix 3 Common Issues with Planter Boxes

Use plastic shims to fix 3 common issues with planters

Plastic Shims will Help Your Planter Garden Look Beautiful

Spring planting season is a great time to build and fill planter boxes! Flowers are such a nice reminder of the rejuvenation of spring and summer. If you’re going to build your own planter boxes we have a tip for getting them squared up. We also explain how Wobble Wedges® can help with planter drainage. And how to use plastic shims to keep window boxes level and from scraping your siding. Here’s how to fix 3 common issues with planter boxes.

Fill Gaps When Building Your Own Planter Boxes

Most wood is warped, it’s just what it naturally wants to do. So when building your own planter boxes, you might discover that it’s harder to get them squared up than expected. If there’s a gap between two of the boards, you can always place a plastic shim in between to help them meet. Wood shims that you buy at the home improvement store aren’t treated. So they can rot and deteriorate when in contact with water outside. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims won’t rot, warp or be affected by water. This makes them a great option for outdoor projects, like building planter boxes. Use our plastic shims to fill gaps, and bring boards up to level, making it easy to get beautiful planters for your flowers and vegetables.

Lift Boxes for Drainage

It’s important for planter boxes to drain so that your plant’s roots aren’t sitting in water. If the planters are located on concrete or decking the bottoms might not be able to wick moisture away. An easy solution is to take two BigGap™ hard/rigid Wobble Wedge® plastic shims in a “flat stack” (see below image). Place the shims under each corner of the planter to lift it .48in off the ground. This will allow for the planter to drain and create air flow. If you’d like this solution to be permanent, you can screw the plastic shims to the bottom of the planter, creating feet that will stay in place. Place screws on either end of the plastic shims, using the pre-drilled holes to make it easy.

Two BigGap™ wedges stacked tapered end to wide end to make a flat stack

Level Under-window Planter Boxes and Protect Your Siding

If you have under-window planters they can sometimes lean away from the house too much, making the soil come pouring out when you water. Depending on how the boxes are attached to your house, you can wedge BigGap™ plastic shims between the house and the box to bring it up to level. The weight of the box can hold the plastic shims in place, or you can screw them into position. You can also use our plastic shims to keep the window box from rubbing against your siding. This works well if the window box is removable. Use some soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to act as a buffer. Place them between the box and the siding, and use the weight of the box to hold them in place. This is an easy solution to protect your house from scuff marks on the siding.

Plastic shims
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Wobble Wedge®: The History of Plastic Shims

Plastic shim

What Led Us to the First Patented Plastic Shim with Interlocking Ridges

The history of shims starts long before plastic was around. In fact shims or wedges are some of the oldest technology that humans developed. Early shims were made from stone, wood, antlers, and various other natural materials. But modern times call for modern materials, and we needed a solution that didn’t deteriorate or slide around when stacked. So we developed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim with interlocking ridges. And now over 30 years after it was first created, our plastic shim is still the leader in shim technology.

When Did Humans Develop the Shim?

Shims or wedges are considered one of the six “simple machines” developed by early humans. This list includes the lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, and inclined plane. Shims have been around since the stone age, and even pre-date the invention of the wheel. Bronze wedges were used in quarries in Ancient Egypt circa 3,000BC to break and shape rock during mining. There is also evidence that Native Americans used antler wedges to build canoes and dwellings. They also used stone wedges to make tools such as axes and knives (both of which are types of wedges themselves). 

Why Shim Technology Needed New Ideas

With thousands of years of development, interestingly wedges have mostly stayed the same. The most common types of shims are smooth and made of metal or wood. These have their advantages and disadvantages. Metals can be very strong, taking a lot of force, but they can also rust, degrade, and stain other materials when in contact with water. Metal is also quite expensive, and not easily manipulated. Wooden shims on the other hand are cheap, and easily manipulated and shaped. But wood can also warp, rot, and stain other materials when water is present. Both of these options work in certain situations, but they have limitations.

Plastic Shims with interlocking ridges

A New, Modern Shim for Stability

Living in a 115 year old home that didn’t have a level floor board in it, meant all of our furniture wobbled and listed. We decided that we needed a solution that offered stability. Stacking metal, wood, or plastic shims that were available at the time always resulted in the shims slipping and not staying in place. Shims needed some way to grip that would allow them to stack safely and remain firmly where you needed them. This is why we decided to invent the Wobble Wedge®.

The First Patented Plastic Shim with Interlocking Ridges

Wobble Wedges® were invented in 1985 to create a truly modern plastic shim that could eliminate the issues of other shims that were in the market at the time. We designed Wobble Wedges® as an interlocking modular system of tapered shims. The interlocking ridges allowed Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to stack on top of each other. Each plastic shim was designed to resist movement from all directions, no sliding side to side or forward and back. This allowed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim to stay where you put it, be that gripping a surface or gripping another Wobble Wedge®. We didn’t set out to get patents, but ultimately our designs earned 2 patents for our interlocking ridges. 

Wobble Wedge®, the Most Versatile Modern Plastic Shim

Wobble Wedges® are made from plastic because it won’t rot, warp or cause discoloration when in contact with water. It’s also cheap, durable, and allows us to make plastic shims in both hard/rigid and soft/flexible options. Our hard/rigid plastic shims can take +2,000lbs of force, while the soft/flexible versions are strong and cushioned enough to use with delicate porcelain. We also designed the Wobble Wedge® plastic shim in 4 sizes with the same interlocking ridges so that you can use all 4 sizes together. Wobble Wedges® are equally effective at stabilizing a wobbly restaurant table, installing a toilet or leveling a backyard fountain as they are in shimming aluminium aircraft panels on an industrial assembly line.

Plastic shims
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Plastic Shims for Outside Projects

Wobble Wedges® Make the Ideal Outdoor-Use Plastic Shims

Outdoor projects need to stand up to the elements, and if you need shims for outside, your best bet is a plastic shim. Wobble Wedges® are the perfect shim for everything from installing precast concrete to stabilizing potted plants. Made from sturdy, weather-proof plastic, our shims come in both hard/rigid and soft/flexible plastics, and 4 sizes. This makes Wobble Wedges® versatile and the ideal plastic shims for outside use.

Plastic Wedges for Deck Stair Installation

When installing deck stairs there is a lot of math involved, and sometimes you’ll need to correct for a miscalculation. Plastic shims offer a great solution. If you need to adjust the tread tilt or step height on your stairs, or fix the angle where the stringers meet the deck, reach for a plastic shim. Read how Wobble Wedges® will help with these issues in our blog “Why Use Plastic Shims to Level Deck Stairs.”

Shim and Clean Your Grill

Having a level grill is important for safety; instability plus flames isn’t a good combination. Use Wobble Wedges® to level and stabilize your grill on your patio or in your yard. They also work as chock blocks to keep castors from rolling. And a hard/rigid plastic shim works great for scraping off gunk that’s stuck to your grill. Read more in our blog “Stabilize Your Grill with Wobble Wedges®.”

Showing a wheel on a grill with two Wobble Wedge plastic shims to stop the wheel from rolling, ie chock blocks

Stabilize Patio Furniture and Keep Your Table Umbrella in Place

Old deck boards and uneven concrete can mean wobbling furniture while you’re sitting on your deck or patio. As with indoor furniture, Wobble Wedges® make great furniture levelers for your outdoor needs too. And if you have a table umbrella that spins or moves out of position, a soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® can keep it in place. Learn how in our blog “How to Stop Wobbling Patio Furniture.”

Hide Outdoor Electrical Cords

Electrical cords that aren’t tucked away look unsightly and easily become tripping hazards. There are three ways that Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can help solve this problem. Use them to tuck cords away across doorways, around siding, and even to hold cords in place along eaves. Read how in our blog “Hide Electrical Cords Outside.”

plastic shims used to wedge an electrical cord under siding.

Level and Lift Potted Plants

Whether you’re moving indoor plants outside for summer or planting beautiful flowers in outdoor planters, sometimes you’ll need to level them. Your plants will love the fresh air and sunshine, but if they wobble they can be at risk of falling over, breaking your planter and making a mess. Wobble Wedges® are great for stabilizing your pots outside. Use them to lift your planters so they can drain more easily, preventing root rot. Learn more on our blog “How to Stop Wobbling Patio Furniture.”

Concrete Projects in the Backyard

If you’re working with concrete you shouldn’t use metal or wooden shims. This is because they can discolor the concrete over time with water exposure (unless you live in a very arid climate this is bound to happen). Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are perfect for building a precast concrete wall, creating a precast concrete walkway with paving stones, or installing a concrete fountain. Our plastic shims won’t discolor, warp, deteriorate or affect concrete, which makes them the best plastic shim for the job.

Plastic shims
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Spring Projects With Wobble Wedges®

Get your plants set for spring and tackle those yard projects with ease!

As spring gets into full swing this can mean lots of long to-do lists of projects around the house and yard. So to help out we’ve made a list of just a few ways that Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can help you finish that to-do list!

Scrape off stickers/labels on new pots for your plants

One of our favorite spring projects is repotting plants to give them a fresh start for the growing season. A persistent annoyance with this task though is removing the labels and stickers on your new pots! They leave behind a gross gunk that just won’t budge. Luckily hard plastic Wobble Wedge® shims make a remarkably good tool to scrape off the sticky residue. Head over to our blog post Use Hard Wobble Wedges® to Remove Gunk to learn more.

Stabilize your potted plants

Once you’ve repotted your plants you might want to move them outside to enjoy the longer days. If they wobble or rock there is a good chance they could get knocked over and spill on the ground. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can be used to stabilize your potted plants indoors and outdoors. Use them to shim up large planters, or small decorative containers. Check out our blog post Stabilize and Level Flower Pots to learn more.

yard projects, like leveling outdoor planters

Wobble Wedges® help with yard projects

Springtime is the perfect season to start yard projects so you can enjoy your labors for the rest of the summer. Whether it’s building a precast concrete wall or installing deck stairs, spring is a great time to start. Another excellent project to tackle in the spring is adding a precast concrete walkway with paving stones. Creating easy access to your garden beds or to a patio area can really improve the look and usability of your yard. One of our favorite yard projects is installing a concrete fountain; gentle water sounds can add such a relaxing atmosphere to your yard.

The reason that Wobble Wedge® plastic shims make a great addition to any of these yard projects is that they will stand the test of time AND weather. Our plastic tapered shims won’t rot, and won’t deteriorate out in the elements. Wooden shims can’t handle water like our plastic shims, remember water + wood = rot. So don’t risk it, and use Wobble Wedge® plastic shims for all of your outdoor projects.

Stop your A/C unit from making noise

As spring moves into summer getting your window A/C unit in good working order will make it much easier once the summer heat waves hit. If your A/C unit rattles or vibrates loudly, this is likely due to it not fitting snugly in place. In our blog Fix a Noisy Window AC Unit with Wobble Wedge® we explain how you can stop that racket and get the cool air flowing in silence.


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Level Displays for Retail

Shore up Leaning Displays and Secure from Slipping

If you’re setting up a retail space with many different displays for merchandise, it’s important that when the customer interacts with that display everything is stable. If it’s leaning or rocking, one small bump from a customer could send your precious merchandise crashing to the floor! Wobble Wedges® offer a great solution to level and prevent sliding displays for retail, plus they are a great looking solution (no more wads of paper or folded cardboard!).

Level Leaning Displays for Retail

If you can afford custom-built displays for your small business, this might not be a problem for you. But for many small businesses you have to make cookie-cutter displays work with the space you have. So if your floor is warped and uneven, Wobble Wedges® can help you get your displays looking great! To level your display place a level on the top, check it both lengthwise and widthwise for level. If the flooring is hard (like wood, tile or laminate), use Wobble Wedge® soft/flexible shims to bring your display up to level. If your flooring is soft (carpet, padding, etc), use hard plastic Wobble Wedge® shims, they will give you stability on the soft flooring. Wobble Wedges® come in three sizes, BigGap, Standard, and Minis, so you can get exactly the right size you need to keep your displays from leaning.

Below is an image of a display on a very warped wood floor. Luckily a Wobble Wedge® soft/flexible shim in black blends in seamlessly with the display stopping it from rocking back and forth.

Level Displays for Retail

Stop the Slip!

Sometimes retail displays have to go on a surface that the display isn’t ideal for; so if it slips and slides around, our soft/flexible plastic Wobble Wedge® shims will help! The flexible plastic wedges can grip slippery surfaces, like glass or tile, allowing you to place your displays wherever you need them! Place them underneath an object or display and they will grip the surface, meaning customers are much less likely to move the display or merchandise by accident.

Below we’re using Mini Wobble Wedges® to secure a spinning earring display in place on a glass-top display case. The patented ridges on Wobble Wedges® not only allow our wedges to be safely stacked, they also help with keeping items in place by gripping the surface.

Level Displays for Retail

Looking good

The best part of all is that Wobble Wedges® will give you a professional look to your displays. Customers probably won’t even notice them, since they come in three colors, clear/translucent, white, and black. Wobble Wedges® will make any retail space look great, and will provide the stability you need to keep your business looking good.

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Level Furniture on Soft Flooring

hard plastic furniture leveling shim

Hard Plastic Shims Level Furniture on Cushioned Surfaces

Does your furniture slope on an uneven, carpeted floor? Looking for a solution? Hard plastic shims are the leveling wedge you need to level furniture on soft flooring! Hard Wobble Wedge® plastic shims give your furniture something solid to stand on and prevent wobbling or uneven tilts.

Stop your furniture from leaning on Carpet or Rugs

Having soft cushiony carpet can really make a home feel cozy. But it can also make your furniture less stable and more prone to tipping over. Wobble Wedges® make the perfect furniture levelers on all soft flooring because the hard plastic shims create a stable base. Level your bookcases, lamps, statues, desks, etc., and don’t worry about the rug or soft carpet, you will be able to keep it from rocking with our leveling wedges.

Level Furniture on Soft Flooring

Level Furniture on Soft Therapeutic Foam Pads

Therapeutic foam pads can make standing for long periods more comfortable, they can really help you with aches and pains. That extra cushion makes a difference, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have safe, level furniture even if it sits on a soft flooring! Hard plastic shims give stability and are ideal for leveling on soft padded flooring. If your standing desk rests unevenly on your cushioned pad, use hard plastic Wobble Wedges® to prop it firmly in place. Or use them to level your workbench or bookshelf in your workshop if they rest on a foam pad. Wobble Wedge® hard plastic shims can take over 2,000lbs of weight and because of the patented interlocking ridges you can fill any space you need and the wedges won’t slip!

Level Shelving placed on a Bathroom Floor Mat

Another place that soft flooring can make furniture less stable is the bathroom. Soft, plush rugs make your bathroom feel great, but if the shelving unit is resting on the rug, one little bump might knock your toiletries everywhere. Wobble Wedge® hard plastic shims can be used to add stability to bathroom shelving units that rest on rugs. Our hard plastic shims come in clear and black, so you can level all of your furniture without anyone being the wiser. They’ll blend right in!

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Mini Wobble Wedges® for Delicate Decoratives

Discreetly Fix Wobbling Home Furnishings

Stabilizing objects that are highly visible presents a unique problem, you don’t want your lamp or decorative vase to fall over, but you don’t want anyone to see the wedge. Luckily Wobble Wedges® come in clear plastic, and with Mini Wobble Wedges® you can discreetly level and stop wobbling home decorations.

Stabilize Lamps on Furniture or the Floor

When placing lighting around your home, sometimes that lamp just has to go in one spot in the room. If the floor or table top under it isn’t level, every time you flick on the light you risk knocking it over. Luckily Mini Wobble Wedges® are perfect for leveling small objects in highly visible areas. Because they come in clear hard and soft plastic, you can level any object and no one will notice the plastic shim you’ve placed.

stop wobbling decorations

Invisibly Level Vases

Vases are a beautiful way to decorate a home, but antique vases are notorious for not having flat bases. This means your porcelain or glass decoration just might tip over and break. Mini Wobble Wedges® can fit even the smallest of gaps and can be cut to size. No one will notice the clear shim and the soft plastic option will gently hold your vase in place.

Prevent Indoor Plants from Falling Over

Plants can really improve a living space, bringing a lush vibrance to your home decorations. Don’t let a wobbly planter prevent you from having plants inside! With the Mini Wobble Wedge® you can fill gaps of up to .16 inch. Meaning even the smallest wobble can be stabilized.

stop wobbling decorations

Stop Wobbles for all Decorative Objects

The uses for the Mini Wobble Wedge® are almost infinite, they work perfectly for all kinds of decorative objects. From antique clocks, to statuary, to displays of knick-knacks, the options are boundless to stop your wobbling decorations.

Add Mini Wobble Wedges® to your toolbox today!

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Hard & Soft Plastic Shims Work Together

Plastic Shims with interlocking ridges

Combine Wobble Wedges® for Versatile Functions

One word that should come to mind when you think of Wobble Wedges is “versatility”. The hard and soft plastic shims are perfect for different functions. From working great as furniture levelers to stopping items from sliding on your hardwood floors, and so many uses in between. But the best part of Wobble Wedge® shims is that they can be used together to add even more uses.

Hard Shims for Furniture on Soft Flooring

Hard plastic shims are great for supporting furniture on carpets or soft flooring, where the firm shim will give the stability you need. They also work great with heavy items, like a wobbly workbench in your garage. Use the hard plastic shims, which come in black or clear, under the workbench to keep it steady while you work! Wobble Wedge hard plastic shims can support over 2,000 lbs, so even your heaviest items can be stabilized.

Soft Furniture Shims for Items on Hard Flooring

Soft plastic shims are perfect when the item you’re supporting is delicate or dentable, like a vintage wood cabinet, and the soft plastic means they won’t leave a mark on your cabinet or on your floor. They also work great on hard flooring, like hardwood, tile, or laminate. The soft rubber “grips” the floor and keeps your furniture from sliding. If you sit down on your couch and it moves a few inches each time, pretty soon it’ll be in another room! But luckily you can use soft plastic shims, which come in three colors, black, clear, and white, to keep your furniture in place, no more sliding!

Combine Shims for Versatile Uses

The best part of Wobble Wedges is that the hard and soft shims can be combined to work together! Need to level a wooden cabinet on carpeting? A hard plastic shim gives stability on the carpeted floor, and use a soft shim to pad the delicate woodwork of the cabinet. With the patented interlocking ridges on Wobble Wedges using two shims together means they won’t slip! Have a heavy table that you don’t want sliding around on your laminate flooring? Use a soft shim to stop it from sliding, and a hard shim to firmly hold that heavy table in place.

Another great aspect of Wobble Wedges is that you can combine the different sizes to fill any gap. Stack two or stack five, the interlocking ridges will keep them firmly together. Use a Big Gap wedge with a Standard Sized wedge to fill a ¾ inch or larger space. A Standard Sized shim and a Mini Wobble Wedge can be combined for spaces less than half an inch. Two Big Gap wedges can fill nearly a 1 inch gap, really the combinations are endless!

Ready for the most versatile shims you’ll ever need?

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Level a Countertop with Wobble Wedges®

Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims Make Leveling a Countertop Easy

You’ve decided to invest in an incredibly exciting home renovation; new countertops! Whether you’re installing a fabricated, wooden, or stone countertop, ensuring that your new countertop is level is absolutely key to the success of this project. You don’t want to spend the next 10 years standing at your kitchen counter wishing you had just spent five extra minutes getting it perfectly level! Wobble Wedge® plastic shims make it easy to install a perfectly level countertop with ease.

Identify Your Wobble

Once your new countertop is in position it’s time to identify your wobble. Place a level on top of your countertop and with both palms face down on the countertop gently rock it back and forth. Have a helper observe where the countertop lifts off the cabinetry below. It’s these gaps between the countertop and the cabinetry that you will want to fill with a Wobble Wedge plastic shim.

Level your Countertop

Once you have identified which pieces of the countertop raise off the the cabinetry, move Wobble Wedge plastic shims into place to stabilize and level the countertop. Soft plastic Wobble Wedges will gently cup the material of your cabinetry while firmly holding your countertop material in place. Our patented interlocking ridges prevent the countertop material from slipping or sliding. Simply stack multiple Wobble Wedges to fill any size gap.

Perfect for Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are a gorgeous addition to any residential or commercial property. These ultra-rigid, heavy countertops can be even more difficult to level and position than their fabricated and wooden counterparts. Soft plastic Wobble Wedges are an ideal plastic shim for leveling granite and other stone countertops.

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Plastic Shims for Construction

Strong Plastic Shims for all of your Structural and Construction Needs

If you’re looking for a strong plastic shim to keep in your tool box on tough construction sites, look no further! Wobble Wedge® offers a variety of plastic shims that can be used for all of your structural shimming and construction needs. Wobble Wedges® are available in hard and soft plastic and in three useful sizes. Our unique patented design features interlocking ridges, so Wobble Wedges don’t slip or slide apart when bearing weight. Plus, easily grab, push, pull, or relocate Wobble Wedge plastic shims with the grab-bar.

Plastic Construction Shims for Leveling

Use Wobble Wedges to keep construction materials in place temporarily while you work, or permanently. Our plastic shims are ideal for holding a 2X4 in place while you work, leveling a window in it’s frame, shimming a piece of baseboard, etc. Wobble Wedges plastic construction shims are available in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend into your environment. Easily trim Wobble Wedge plastic shims to the exact size you need!

Keep Tools Steady

Increase safety on the job site by keeping your tools level and steady with Wobble Wedges. Our plastic construction shims will balance your table saw, fix a wobbly workbench, and more. Keeping an assortment of plastic shims in your tool box will help increase productivity on the job site and quality of work.

Wobble Wedges Won’t Break Down

Wobble Wedge plastic shims are ideal for construction purposes because they can withstand large weight loads and won’t break down over time. These plastic shims are built with high quality hard and soft plastics that won’t decompose when exposed to water or organic material.

BigGap Plastic Shim Ideal for Large Projects

For all of your industrial sized shimming needs, use the BigGap Wobble Wedge plastic construction shim. These mighty shims are stackable, interlocking, and won’t break down over time. These large construction wedges can support more than 2,000 lbs.

Click to browse all Wobble Wedge plastic construction shims