Cool Tips: More Uses For Wobble Wedges

Wobble Wedges do a lot more than stabilize wobbly tables and bookcases. They’ll help you solve all sorts of problems quickly and easily.

Here’s Just a Few of the 100’s of Creative Uses for Wobble Wedges®

Bottle & Can Lid Opener

Can’t open a bottle or olive oil can lid? Grab a Soft Wobble Wedge, wrap it around the lid and twist!

Self Cleaning Glue Spreader

Use Soft Wobble Wedge to spread glue for any home gluing project. Most glues peel right off the Wobble Wedges once it dries.

Non-Marring Pan Scraper

Use Hard Wobble Wedge to clean a crusted fry pan or pot that was left on the heat too long. The wedge will not mar the pan surface

Disposable Goo, Wax or Caulk Scraper

Use a Hard Wobble Wedge to scrape goo, wax or caulking out of joints, plumbing fixtures or other surfaces that need to be scraped clean.

Ice Scraper

Use a hard Wobble Wedge to clean ice off the outside rear view mirror on your car or truck

I-Tilt For Your Smart Phone or Tablet

Use two or more Soft BigGap Wobble Wedges to tilt your smart phone or tablet to just the right viewing angle on your desk.

Shoe Repair

Use Wobble Wedge as a disposable glue Shoe Glue spreader to repair loose soles, shoe inserts or flapping heels.

Fine Finish Sanding Block

Use Soft Wobble Wedges as a flexible sanding block for sanding curved or irregular shaped surfaces. The soft wedge conforms easily to the shape of the underlying wood or metal so you can get a fine finish even in hard-to-sand areas.

Use Hard Wobble Wedges as a stiff sanding block. This allows you to achieve a find finish hard-to-sand areas like acute angles or narrow slots.

Painting Or Gluing Off-Sets

Use Hard Wobble Wedges as disposable off-sets to facilitate painting, staining or gluing multiple items. The Wobble Wedges keep all items separated allowing each item to dry evenly.

Make An Instant Clamp

Tie three Wobble Wedges together with a rubber band in opposing orientations to make a quick clamp for a temporary holding device.

Door Hanging Assistant

When you need to hang a door or repair the door hinges stack Wobble Wedges up to support the door at the exact height to match the hinge slots. Now you can tighten or replace the hinges without needing an assistant to help hold the door.

Prop Shim For Photographs

Use Wobble Wedge to adjust the tilt of a product shot until it is in perfect orientation to the light and the camera lens.

...and so much more!