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Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience with Wobble Wedges

When the weather allows, no indoor dining experience compares to that of outdoor dining. Gathering with your friends and loved ones around the table for a delicious meal, cup of coffee, or a beer is always a grounding ritual and memorable treat. Restaurateurs must ensure that their outdoor dining spaces are perfect for customers. Homemakers and hosts are justified in craving the same thing from their patios and porches. Below, we will highlight a few of the ways that Wobble Wedges ensure an elevated outdoor dining experience.

Level and Stabilize Outdoor Patio Tables

Typically, patio tables have significantly less structural integrity than indoor tables, and after a prolonged period of exposure to the elements they become even less reliable. Additionally, outdoor surfaces are also more variable, such as pavers or concrete. Whether it’s your tables or the surface they are on causing the wobbles, Wobble Wedges are here to help! Use a Standard Size Wobble Wedge or BigGap Wedge to level and stabilize your outdoor table in a breeze. Stack to combine multiple shims.

Prevent Tipsy Tables and Spilled Brews

Customers visiting a brewery or a cafe are expecting to pay $6-10 or more for their first drink. They don’t want to lose a single sip! Tipsy tables are simply unprofessional when you’re providing craft-quality drinks. Make sure your tables are stable with Wobble Wedge shims before your customers arrive to provide a top-quality, memorable experience.

Residential Outdoor Dining Sets

Whether you splurged on your outdoor furniture or picked it up at Walmart, it might be prone to sitting improperly on your outdoor surface. You can use Wobble Wedge plastic shims for dining tables, chairs, end tables, and more. Use it with a picnic bench or farmhouse style tables or tables with thin legs. Wobble Wedges are perfect for residential outdoor dining sets of all varieties. 

Level and Stabilize Outdoor Grills

No outdoor dining experience is complete without a grill. If your grill sits on castors that have become uneven or don’t sit level on your ground material, Wobble Wedge shims can be used to stabilize and support the grill. Wobble Wedge shims can support up to 2,000 pounds, more than enough to support your grill and all of the burgers.

Level Outdoor Planters

The perfect outdoor dining experience is accented by perfectly placed plants! Make sure that large, medium, or small outdoor planters are level and stabilized with Wobble Wedge shims. This technique is especially helpful for planters placed on top of pedestals or any other podium-type structure.

Ready to elevate your outdoor dining experience to perfection? Get started with a 30-pack or variety pack and enjoy free shipping within the US on orders of $50 or more.