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Innovative Ways to Use Wobble Wedges in Interior Design

When it comes to creating an intentional interior design, every detail needs to be perfect. That means that furniture can’t be leaning or rocking and artwork cannot be hung crooked on the walls. Whether you’re a professional interior designer or a perfectionist homemaker, once you’ve added Wobble Wedges to your toolkit, you will find hundreds of uses for them in your interior spaces. Here are some of our favorite ways to use Wobble Wedges in your interior design.

Level Bookshelves

When bookshelves sit unevenly, it is extremely obvious to the naked eye because of all of the vertical and horizontal leading lines. Just a few books sitting askew on the shelf can make the whole thing look like it’s leaning. Use BigGap Wobble Wedges to level large bookcases and standard size wedges for medium and small bookshelves. You can also use Wobble Wedges to level floating shelves against the wall surface. 

Stabilize End Tables

End tables, especially highly decorative ones, are another element of interior design that can feel painfully obvious when it’s off. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level and stabilize functional and decorate end tables, coffee tables, pedestals, and plant stands. Use Flexible plastic Wobble Wedges to shim tables on hard flooring materials. Use Rigid plastic Wobble Wedges to shim tables on soft flooring materials.

Elevate Framed Artwork

Place standard-size Wobble Wedges or Mini Wobble Wedges behind the bottom corners of framed artwork to lift artwork off the walls and prevent scuffs. This professional maneuver will elevate the artwork in any intentionally designed interior space. This technique is especially useful for gallery-style motifs and areas blending lots of different frame styles.

Shim Decorations & Antiques

Last, but certainly not least, use Mini Wobble Wedges to shim your precious decorations. Round objects, like sculptures and vases, can sit especially sound with a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge underfoot. Wobble Wedge shims work well for displaying small decorative objects, antiques, clocks, and natural objects like shells and rocks. Trim a wedge to be the exact size you need and use one of three colors available to blend them seamlessly into your interior design space.


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