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How To Level Stone Countertops

Shims are often required to achieve a perfect seam between stone countertops. Commonly used contractor shims are long and must be trimmed off at the front of the cabinet.  At just 2 inches, Wobble Wedge provide plenty of precision adjustment but rarely need to be trimmed.

Stone Countertop Installation

  1. Apply your chosen adhesive to the framing members of the cabinet base.
  2. Set the stone or cultured stone countertop on the cabinet base.
  3. Set a long level across the length of the countertop and a short level across the width.
  4. Using a pry bar with a thin end, lift the stone carefully and slide a Hard Wobble Wedge between the stone and the cabinet frame.
  5. If a Wobble Wedge gets pushed in too far it is easy to retrieve and adjust by pulling on the Grab Bar with a pair of needle nose pliers.
  6. To adjust the front edge of the countertop, push the Wobble Wedges in from the inside of the cabinet toward the front edge. At 1 7/8” long they will not reach to the front edge of the cabinet and therefore will not need to be trimmed.
  7. Use as many Wobble Wedges as needed and adjust the countertop to level and achieve perfectly aligned seams.
  8. Leave the Wobble Wedges in place and allow the glue to set.
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