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Maximizing Comfort in Cafes and Coffee Shops with Wobble Wedges

Working in or managing a coffee shop you know the work starts early and there are lots of moving parts. You generally can’t expect to catch your breath until early afternoon. Customers expect perfection from their favorite cafes starting at the first light of dawn. Little annoyances for lowly caffeinated people can turn into memorable moments. Wobbly cafe tables lead to spilled coffee and lower customer ratings. The fix you’re looking for is called; Wobble Wedge.

What is a Wobble Wedge?

Wobble Wedges are a family of plastic shims that can swiftly be placed beneath table legs and other rocking furniture and appliances for stability. Restaurants and cafes have been using Wobble Wedges for decades for a quick, quality solution to common problems. Wobble Wedges are available in three different sizes, mini, standard, and BigGap, and three different colors, clear, white, and black. The patented, interlocking ridges allow the wedges to be stacked and combined with accuracy within a fraction of an inch. Get started with a Variety Pack or order your most reliable wedges in bulk.

Ways to use in Cafes and Coffee Shops

There are numerous ways to use Wobble Wedge plastic shims in a cafe, beyond the most obvious use, which is stabilizing cafe tables. Here are a handful of ways that coffee shop managers and restauranteurs have found to use Wobble Wedges in their business.

Shim Cafe Tables

This is by and far the most common use for restauranteurs of Wobble Wedges. Gone are the days of putting stacked napkins or sugar packets under wobbly table legs. Wobble Wedges can be quickly inserted under a wobbly table for a professional and enduring solution. On hard floors, the ridges on the flexible standard Wobble Wedge will grip the flooring material and help keep the wedge in place. Sweep and mop around the table legs without causing the wedge to shift. Join the hundreds of food and beverage businesses using Wobble Wedges to present professionally.

Stabilize Countertop Equipment

In a coffee shop, some of your most valuable equipment sits on the countertop; your espresso machine, panini press, pastry displays, cash register, etc. If your appliances sit unevenly on your countertops it can cause a hazardous if not unsightly situation. Wobble Wedge shims can support appliances and displays up to 2,000 pounds. BigGap Wedges are perfect for leveling high-end espresso machines. The durable plastic won’t rot when exposed to water, milk, and cleaning products. 

Level Outdoor Patio Furniture

Quenticintial cafes have an outdoor dining area with notoriously shoddy furniture. That doesn’t mean your customers need to compromise on the quality of their experience. Wobble Wedge shims are perfect for leveling and stabilizing outdoor patio furniture. Use standard or BigGap Wobble Wedges for patio furniture on concrete, pavers, or other surfaces. Get started with a Variety Pack or order your favorite standard wedges in bulk.