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Mini Wobble Wedges® for Delicate Decoratives

Discreetly Fix Wobbling Home Furnishings

Stabilizing objects that are highly visible presents a unique problem, you don’t want your lamp or decorative vase to fall over, but you don’t want anyone to see the wedge. Luckily Wobble Wedges® come in clear plastic, and with Mini Wobble Wedges® you can discreetly level and stop wobbling home decorations.

Stabilize Lamps on Furniture or the Floor

When placing lighting around your home, sometimes that lamp just has to go in one spot in the room. If the floor or table top under it isn’t level, every time you flick on the light you risk knocking it over. Luckily Mini Wobble Wedges® are perfect for leveling small objects in highly visible areas. Because they come in clear hard and soft plastic, you can level any object and no one will notice the plastic shim you’ve placed.

stop wobbling decorations

Invisibly Level Vases

Vases are a beautiful way to decorate a home, but antique vases are notorious for not having flat bases. This means your porcelain or glass decoration just might tip over and break. Mini Wobble Wedges® can fit even the smallest of gaps and can be cut to size. No one will notice the clear shim and the soft plastic option will gently hold your vase in place.

Prevent Indoor Plants from Falling Over

Plants can really improve a living space, bringing a lush vibrance to your home decorations. Don’t let a wobbly planter prevent you from having plants inside! With the Mini Wobble Wedge® you can fill gaps of up to .16 inch. Meaning even the smallest wobble can be stabilized.

stop wobbling decorations

Stop Wobbles for all Decorative Objects

The uses for the Mini Wobble Wedge® are almost infinite, they work perfectly for all kinds of decorative objects. From antique clocks, to statuary, to displays of knick-knacks, the options are boundless to stop your wobbling decorations.

Add Mini Wobble Wedges® to your toolbox today!

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