Spring Clean your Garage with Wobble Wedges®

All Garage Floors Are Sloped, So Stop the Wobbles

Garage floors are setup to drain any moisture that might accumulate, which means they usually slope towards a drain or out to the door. This means that they are inherently not level. So when you put up racks or storage usually you will need to shim at least one side so that your items don’t go crashing to the floor. Hard plastic Wobble Wedges® are perfect for this use, easily taking +2,000 lbs of force. They can shim heavy shelving or equipment that isn’t steady on your concrete floor.

Shim Workbenches

Workbenches are often made of sturdy wood or metal, which means they are not very forgiving if they are on uneven flooring. Rocking or wobbling workbenches can lead to dangerous mistakes if you’re using tools. So don’t take the risk! Level your workbench! Take a level and place it back-to-front and side-to-side on your bench to determine where the issue is. On your level the side that has the bubble is the higher side of the bench, meaning you need to shim the opposite corner. Once you’ve determined which side needs to be shimmed, take a hard plastic Wobble Wedge® and place it under the lower corner. You can safely stack our plastic shims thanks to their patented interlocking ridges. So if you need more than one, you know they’ll stay in place.

Lift Storage Boxes Off the Floor

If you have storage boxes that are sitting on the ground, you might want to lift them off the concrete floor to prevent moisture from developing underneath the box. To easily lift them off the ground simply use two hard plastic BigGap™ wedges oriented like the below image. Place these under each corner of the storage box (or as needed), and it will give a 1/2 inch clearance or stack four for a 1 inch clearance, allowing air to flow and moisture to wick away.

Two BigGap™ wedges stacked tapered end to wide end to make a flat stack

Shim Hanging Items– Spare Tires, Ski Racks, Bike Racks, Rakes and Shovels, etc.

If you have hanging items in your garage they might not sit perfectly securely if you don’t have the exact right hook. Or the items can rub against the wall leaving ugly scuff marks. You can add some extra grip and stop the scuffs with soft/flexible plastic Wobble Wedges®. If your spare tires are hanging on the wall and leaving marks, simply place a standard size soft plastic Wobble Wedge® between the wall and where the tire touches it. The weight of the tire will keep it in place, and prevent the rubber from leaving a mark.

For ski racks or bike racks that don’t fit securely on their hooks they can come tumbling down and cause quite a bit of damage to anything underneath. Place a soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® on the hook, the soft plastic ridges will grip the rack adding extra stability. You might need to see which direction works best, with the wedge either forming a cross on the hook or going in the same direction as the hook, both methods will work depending on your situation. This same solution can work for rakes, shovels, tools, and other hanging items that might need a little extra padding to keep them secure.