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How to Stabilize Hotel Furniture

Keep Your Guests Happy and Safe with Wobble Wedges® 

If you run or manage a hotel you know that providing your guests with a relaxing and comfortable room can lead to happy guests and repeat customers. But if the furniture in the hotel room rocks and wobbles or the bed frame is noisy, this can disrupt your guest’s stay. Just as important is the stability of the equipment in the common areas, like vending and ice machines, and the tables in the dining area. All of these issues can be resolved with Wobble Wedge® plastic shims. They provide a sleek, easy, and cost effective way to stabilize hotel furniture and equipment, and anything that moves in your hotel.

Stop Wobbling Hotel Room Furniture

Wobbling furniture can be an annoyance for guests, disrupting their relaxation while staying at your hotel. With Wobble Wedge® furniture levelers you’ll be able to stop rocking or creaking furniture. Our tapered shims allow you to easily stop wobbling nightstands, coffee tables, desks, and end tables. If the doors swing wide open on your small appliances like a mini fridge or microwave, this could mean they are not level. Wobble Wedge® furniture levelers will make it easy to shim these appliances too. Plus they come in 3 colors so they’ll blend right in!

Quiet a Squeaky Bed Frame

Although we can’t help with a squeaky mattress, here are a few places to troubleshoot if a bed is uneven and making noise: any joints where the frame pieces meet, like the corners, where the headboard attaches, the slats or support bars under the mattress, or where the feet are attached to the frame. If these connections are loose at all, this can lead to noise as the pieces move against each other. To get a good tight fit use our soft plastic Wobble Wedge® furniture shims to fill any gaps. The soft plastic will pad the pieces, stopping the wobbling and noise. They come in three sizes, Minis, Standard, and BigGaps™ so you can find just the right size to use.

Level Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment needs to be stable and leveled to prevent risk of injury. This means if it wobbles or leans, it could fall over or become a safety issue. Our hard plastic Wobble Wedge® shims are made of a rigid plastic that can take +2,000lbs of force. This makes them perfect to level ice machines, vending machines, and washers/dryers. So keep your guests safe and your equipment secure with Wobble Wedges®.

Steady Tables in the Hotel Dining Area

If your hotel features a dining or breakfast area, you probably have cafe tables for guests to eat at. These tables are well known to wobble and cause spilled drinks and aggravation for diners. Wobble Wedge® soft plastic shims are perfect to level tables due to our patented ridges that allow the soft plastic to grip the hard flooring and keep the table in place. For carpeted areas, our hard plastic shims will give stability on the soft flooring. Our Mini Wobble Wedges® are also ideal to level countertop items like lazy-susans, coffee or cereal dispensers, and tabletop appliances.

Stabilize your hotel furniture and equipment today, add Wobble Wedges® to your toolbox!

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