How To Use Wobble Wedges In The Home

How to Stop the Shaky Cafe Table from Spilling Your Drink With Wobble Wedges®

  1. To stop a wobbly table, slip a Wobble Wedge table leveler into the gap between the floor and the table base.
  2. Whoa! Peace at last!

How to Fix the “Leaning Tower” of Bookcase With Wobble Wedges®

When your bookcase is set on the carpet tack strip close to the wall, it leans into the room at a precarious angle. It looks bad and it’s dangerous! It’s easy to fix, though:

  1. Have a helper push the bookcase back up against the wall so it is plumb. It helps if the bookcase is empty.
  2. Slip one or a stack of Hard Wobble Wedges under the front edge of the bookcase to fill the gap between the floor and the book case base. Make sure the leveling wedges are under the weight bearing part of the bookcase and not under a decorative cover.
  3. Let the bookcase settle down on the Wobble Wedges and check to see if bookcase is level and plumb. Adjust if necessary.
  4. Whoa! What a difference!

How to Fix a Rattling Water Pipe With Wobble Wedges®

  1. Wrap a Soft Standard Size Wobble Wedge around the copper water pipe and wedge it into the hangar strap or hole in framing until pipe is tight.
  2. Add a second Wobble Wedge if needed.
  3. Ahhhhhhh. Silence at last. . .

How to Keep Your Table Umbrella from Spinning in the Wind With Wobble Wedges®

When you’re enjoying a great meal on the patio under your table umbrella, a small bit of wind can spin your umbrella around and cause a ruckus. What to do?

  1. Set the umbrella where you like it.
  2. Jam a Soft Wobble Wedge or two between the umbrella pole and the table.
  3. It’s staying right where I put it. Kazaam!

How to Save Your Wrists when Typing With Wobble Wedges®

When your computer keyboard sits at just the wrong angle for your wrists, what can you do?

  1. Grab two or more Soft Big Gap Wobble Wedges and slip them under your keyboard.
  2. Adjust the tilt of your keyboard to the perfect angle needed for comfortable typing.
  3. Wow, that’s an amazingly easy fix!

How to Open A Bottle of Ketchup With Wobble Wedges®

  1. Wrap a Soft Wobble Wedge around the ketchup bottle cap.
  2. Squeeze and twist.
  3. Whoa! That was easy.
  4. For jars with larger caps use a Soft BigGap Wobble Wedge.