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Plastic Wedges In Your Art Supplies

From Ceramics to Woodworking to Setting Up Art Displays

Wedges makes sense in your toolbox, but in your art supplies?? Yes! They have many useful applications for art too! From adding texture to ceramics, to helping with leveling tools for woodworking, to displaying your art projects. Wobble Wedges® have a wide range of art applications, read below to see how they can help you get creative!

In the Ceramic Studio

Wobble Wedges® plastic shims have patented interlocking ridges that allow them to grip each other when stacked. These ridges can be used in the ceramics studio to create texture on wheel-thrown or hand-built clay pieces. Use a rigid plastic shim like any other texturing tool while the clay is wet, either while it’s spinning on the wheel or after as a stamp. Hand Building with clay slabs requires artists to “slip and score” large surface areas. Below an artist uses Wobble Wedges to score large surface areas faster than other hand held tools. When you’re done you can simply wash the plastic shim with soap and water and reuse! 

Use Wobble Wedges to add texture to clay, and help with displaying art projects

Wobble Wedge® soft/flexible plastic shims can also be used during the trimming process on a wheel. Use the tallest end of the shim to gently hold the piece in place. Anchor the plastic shims in place with clay around the ceramic piece you’re going to trim. Once you’re done trimming you can remove the ceramic piece and replace it with another. This is essentially a homemade version of a Giffin Grip.

From adding texture to ceramics, to helping with leveling tools for woodworking, to displaying your art project

For Woodworking

When woodworking tool setup is one of the keys to success. Wobble Wedge® plastic tapered shims are great for this, as they can level stationary planes, and other small equipment. Our rigid plastic shims can take +2,000 lbs of force, so they are ideal for leveling large equipment in your shop, like drill presses, bandsaws, etc. Our plastic shims can also assist in keeping materials level while you work, making it easier to carve and plane. The soft/flexible Wobble Wedges® are also excellent for clamping, as the soft plastic will protect your work from marks. Read more about how they can help in our blog: Wobble Wedges for Woodworking.

Displaying Art Projects

When displaying pieces of art, positioning them so they are at their best is important. If the pedestal or shelf they’re placed on isn’t level, they can wobble and risk falling. So be sure to level all displays before putting your precious art on top! If the artwork itself isn’t level, this is another issue. Our Mini Wobble Wedges® are perfect for keeping ceramic sculptures, and other media steady while on display. The soft/flexible Mini Wobble Wedge® is also great for gripping the surface of the display, and giving your art installation a safe grip. Our BigGap™ Wobble Wedges® are ideal for propping up a flat piece so that it’s at a more visible angle. They can be safely stacked because of our patented interlocking ridges. Meaning you can prop up a piece to the height you need!

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