Level any Restaurant or Cafe Table

Wobble Wedges® are professional quality table levelers used in the food service industry for over 25 years to fix shaky, wobbly tables in restaurants, cafes and cafeterias. Available in 4 sizes, these leveling wedges can be securely stacked to fix any size wobble.

Fix Wobbly Tables Instantly

How do you turn a wobbly table into a stable table in an instant? Slip a Wobble Wedge® table leveler into the gap between the floor and the table base. That’s it—now the table is instantly stable with no shake and no wobble. Wobble Wedge® table levelers do their leveling work under any type of table base—multiple leg, round or square.

Level Tables Even When Guests are Already Seated

Use the Original Hard Wobble Wedge® table leveler under wobbly tables to instantly level the table and stop it from shaking.

Got a Really Big Wobble?

The new BigGap™ Wobble Wedges easily stabilize wobbly cafe tables on steeply sloping sidewalks or outdoor buffet tables set on rough ground. They even keep the legs on heavy outdoor banquet tables from sinking into wet lawns.