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Wobble Wedges For Clocks And Antiques

Antique and clock repair dealers have relied on the standard sized Wobble Wedges® for over 20 years to level, stabilize and support antique furniture and grandfather clocks without compromising the integrity of the piece. More recently, they are beginning to use both the new Mini-Wobble Wedge™ and the new Big-Gap™ Wobble Wedges in both the hard and soft resins.

Use Wobble Wedges® Tapered Shims To:

Level and Stabilize

  • Antique furniture, lamps & appliances
  • Grandfather Clocks

Tighten & Support

  • Tighten joints in antique furniture joinery without glue or fasteners
  • Tighten, level or tilt internal clockworks parts for a more precise fit

Silence Rattles

Reduce rattling, squeaking and creaking caused by loosely jointed or wobbly antiques.

Wobble Wedge® Dealers Partners

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