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Wobble Wedges® For Backpacking and Camping

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Stop Rattling Pots, Shore Up Your Stove, and Air Out Your Rain Fly

When you’re taking a long backpacking or camping trip there are a few things that are essential, lightweight gear and good shoes. Packing for your trip you might not think that Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are suited for your next outdoor adventure, but they can help in a few ways. Read below how our plastic shims can help make your next backpacking and camping trip a little easier!

Stop Rattling Nested Pots/Pans

Most extended backpacking trips or thru hikes are gonna require a lot of gear, that hopefully doesn’t weigh very much in your pack! Of course one of the main items you’ll need is a set of cooking pots/pans to make your meals in the backcountry. These usually come as nested sets made from metal. With each step they can rattle on your hike, so what to do? If you take a few soft/flexible Wobble Wedge® plastic shims with you, stick them in between the nested pots/pans and they will make a buffer that stops the rattling noise! 

To Shore Up Your Stove

Once you’ve setup camp and are ready to cook some grub, having a perfectly level location for your stove might be tricky to find in the backcountry. So if you can’t find a perfectly flat spot, use Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to bring your stove up to level. Some stoves have adjustable feet so this wouldn’t be necessary, but others, like the MSR Pocket Rocket need to be on the level to use. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims make the perfect option because they can be safely stacked thanks to our patented interlocking ridges. So you can use 1 or 2 or many more, and they will grip each other and stay in place.* Plus, you’ve already got them in your pack to keep your pans silent, now your plastic shims are doing double duty and earning that spot in your backpack!

Let Your Rain Fly Breathe

Sometimes rain flys are too close to the body of your tent causing the moisture to not wick away. To make some space between your rain fly and your tent body, take two soft/flexible BigGap™ Wobble Wedge® plastic shims and cross them above the poles at the top of your tent under the rain fly. The plastic shims will lift the rain fly off of the body of the tent, allowing airflow and making your tent dry and ready for your sound slumber. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Wobble Wedges® should not come in contact with direct flame or any surfaces that reach temperatures +200 Fahrenheit.

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