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Wobble Wedges® for Woodworking

Plastic Shims for DIY Projects

Plastic Shims Stabilize and Level Tools & Materials


Working with wood means working with a material that is inherently irregular. Some of the most beautiful furniture pieces show the irregularity of wood through clean lines and form. To get the wood to that point often takes a lot of manhandling! Luckily Wobble Wedges® plastic shims are the perfect wedges for woodworking and can make this task a breeze.

Squaring Tools and Leveling Equipment

Wobble Wedges are useful for woodworking by hand and with tools. It’s the setup of woodworking tools that leads to success. So if you’re squaring tools, like planes or blades, Wobble Wedges are going to make this task easy. You need options when trying to line up a plane at a perfect 90 degrees, the ShopShim Variety Pack includes all three sizes of Wobble Wedges making it easy to get your tools squared. Wobble Wedges are also perfect for leveling your table saw, drill press, or other large tools. The hard plastic shims can take over 2,000 lbs of weight, so they’re ideal for getting your equipment leveled.

wedges for woodworkingKeep Materials Level While Handworking

If you’re trying to hand plane a warped or twisted board, keeping it from wobbling is going to be important! Wobble Wedges work perfectly as a leveling wedge to keep your materials steady so you can carve and work even the most twisted pieces of wood. With three different sizes, and the amazing patented interlocking surface of Wobble Wedges, you can stack them to the perfect heights you need to keep your project steady.

wedges for woodworking

Perfect for Gluing or Clamping

If you’re gluing a complicated joint together, it’s time consuming to make the perfect shaped wedge just for that one spot. With the tapered shape and options of both hard and soft shims from Wobble Wedge®, you can apply pressure in even the toughest to reach spots for gluing. Soft plastic Wobble Wedges are also perfect as reusable (or disposable) glue applicators, making it one of the most versatile tools you’ll have in your shop. The soft plastic shims also work great as padding when clamping on softwood, or while using a vice to hold your project in place, they’ll protect your delicate materials so there won’t be any clamp marks or slips!

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