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Wobble Wedges® in the Living Areas

Furniture Leveling Shims for Living Spaces

From Leaning Bookshelves to Leveling Furniture on Carpets

There are many areas of the house where Wobble Wedges® plastic shims can help, we’ve summarized their uses for the bathroom, how to use them to shim kitchen appliances, and Four Way to Use Wobble Wedges in the Kitchen. What about the living areas in your home? Wobble Wedge® plastic tapered shims can help stop leaning bookshelves, end annoying compression marks and level furniture on carpets, stabilize knick knacks, and fix leaning furniture.

Leveling Furniture on Carpet

Soft, plush carpeting is wonderful to walk on, but can lead to unstable or leaning furniture. Our Wobble Wedge® furniture levelers work great on carpeting because the hard plastic gives a firm stability on soft flooring. Read our blog “How to Level Furniture on Carpet” to learn more.

Stop Annoying Compression Marks

Furniture with narrow feet can leave annoying compression marks in your carpeting. To stop compression marks simply take hard plastic Wobble Wedges® and place them under the feet of your furniture. This will distribute the weight of the furniture over a larger area, stopping the foot from leaving a hard to remove compression mark.

Stabilize Knick Knacks

If you collect small knick knacks, vases, or antiques, these beautiful decorative items can hold a lot of personal value. If they wobble or rock when you walk by the shelf, this can lead to items falling or breaking if they aren’t secured. This is just one of the uses for the Mini Wobble Wedge® plastic shims. It’s small, at just .16” tall, but it comes in both a hard and a soft/flexible plastic, making it useful for any type of small wobble that needs remedied! Read our blog post “Mini Wobble Wedges® for Delicate Decoratives” to learn how our smallest plastic shims can help stabilize your knick knacks.

Stop Leaning Furniture on a Sloped Floor

Depending on when and who built your house there could be many floors in your home that slope causing furniture to rock or list to one side. This was the whole reason that we created Wobble Wedges®, we needed a solution to deal with all of the sloped floors in our Victorian home. We wanted a furniture leveler that looked good, as well as functioned better than folded paper or stacks of pennies. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are the perfect solution; they come in three colors, black, white, and clear/translucent, so they will work with any decor. Read our blog “How to Level Furniture on a Sloped Floor” to learn more.

Level Leaning Bookshelves

A leaning bookcase is a common sight in homes, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If your bookcase isn’t level, either from an uneven floor or a leg that’s too short, Wobble Wedges® can help. One of the biggest advantages to Wobble Wedge® furniture levelers is that they come in three sizes to fit any gap. A single BigGap™ is great for large spaces at .48” high, our standard plastic shim is .25” high and the Mini comes in at .16”. All three have our patented interlocking ridges so that they can be safely stacked to reach whatever height you need. Read more in our blog post “How to Fix a Leaning Bookcase”.

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