Wobble Wedges Make Tough Jobs Easy

Improve Clamping Grip & Protect Delicate Surfaces

Use a combination of Hard and Soft Wobble Wedges to improve clamping grip on tapered, curved or irregular shaped objects.

Soft Wobble Wedges conform to the curvature and while simultaneously improving grip and protecting delicate surfaces. Add Hard Wobble Wedges to build up the clamping surface to a better clamping angle.

Easy-to-Adjust Cradle

Use Wobble Wedge® Shims in various combinations to create a cradle to hold shafts or other curved work pieces temporarily in position. The cradle can be precisely adjusted to raise, lower, or angle the work piece.

Easy-To-Adjust Tapered Jig

Screw-mount a Wobble Wedge® to a board or other surface to create an easy-to-adust tapered jig of any length. Screw slots are inset to allow full use of shim surface.

Pipe Seal and Silencer

Use soft Wobble Wedge® Shims to seal the hole where a pipe goes through a flooring joist. The Soft Wobble Wedges absorb vibration, eliminates rattling sounds and also serves as a backing for caulk application.

Disposable Glue Spreader

Soft Wobble Wedges are excellent glue spreaders. Once dry, most glues will peel off the Shim making it clean and ready to use on the next job.

Level, Plumb, Support and Stabilize

Machinery, workbenches, panels, workstock appliances, furniture, HVAC equipment, toilets, sinks, tubs, fountains, concrete steps, concrete blocks and statuary.

Align Seams, Tighten Joints And Straighten Sliding Door Tracks

Permanently align seams on granite counter tops, cabinet trim and cabinet bases. Align and precisely adjust wood joints as they are being glued. Straighten aluminum tracks for screen doors, shower doors and the like. Tighten fence rails, steps and flooring.

Absorb Vibration And Reduce Noise

Reduce vibration between pipes, HVAC equipment panels, vehicle panels and more.