Do Wobble Wedges® come in various sizes?

Yes. Wobble Wedges® are a modular system of interlocking and cross-nesting sizes. They can be used independently or in any combination to solve most any shimming need. Learn more>

Do Wobble Wedges® come in colors?

Yes. The Rigid Wobble Wedges are available in clear, and black. The Flexible Wobble Wedges are available in white, black and clear.

What’s the difference between Flexible Wobble Wedges® and Rigid Wobble Wedges®?

Rigid Wobble Wedges are made of tough polypropylene resin. They are used to firmly support heavy objects like tool cabinets, bookshelves and file cabinets. Restaurants use the Rigid Wobble Wedges to stabilize wobbly tables set on stone patios, concrete or carpet.

Flexible Wobble Wedges are flexible and are very easy to trim with scissors or knife. Restaurants use them to stabilize wobbly tables to get a better grip on smooth floors like tile or wood. Plumbers use them to install toilets or silence rattling pipes. Woodworkers use a combination of Flexible and Rigid Wobble Wedges for clamping, cushioning, sanding, scraping and even spreading glue.

I cater outdoor events. Do you have anything that will level banquet tables on sloping lawns?

Yes. The BigGap Wobble Wedges will level and stabilize folding banquet tables—even on the most challenging terrain. Double BigGap Wobble Wedges will prevent table legs from sinking into moist lawns.

Where’s my order?

All orders from wobblewedges.com are shipped from Boulder, Colorado. From Boulder, it takes 3-4 days for UPS to deliver shipments to the coastal states and 2-3 days to reach most inland states.

We try to ship all orders the same day or very next day after we receive them.

If an order seems to be taking too long please don’t hesitate to contact us!

I’m a wholesaler, how do I get wholesale pricing?

Please send us an email at info@wobblewedges.com if you would like to discuss wholesale pricing.  We will contact you after receiving your email.

Do you sell Wobble Wedges® in bulk?

Yes. Please contact us for quotes.

What’s the difference between Wobble Wedges® and toilet shims?

Wobble Wedges are the original Rigid and Flexible toilet shim preferred by plumbers everywhere for over 25 years now. Most toilet shims are essentially a tapered triangle of slippery plastic that are so ineffective that they make your job harder, not easier.

Wobble Wedges are precision engineered tools with patented features that make your job easier and faster. You’ll love how Wobble Wedges provide a superior grip on slick or uneven surfaces, a protective cushion for delicate surfaces, secure stackability, precise and repeatable adjustments, and ease of placement and retrieval. They are also exceptionally easy to trim.

What do you mean by “Securely Stackable”? Aren’t all wedges stackable?

True. All wedges can be stacked, but the real question is…Do they stay put?

If your wedges slip, slide and twist apart as your are trying to shim a toilet, clamp a cabinet door or precisely adjust a tool guide what use is that?

“Securely Stackable” means this: Once you put Wobble Wedges under load they stay right where you put them. They won’t squeeze out, slip to the side or twist around. No other wedge has the precision engineered deep offset ridge pattern that makes this possible.

Are Flexible Wobble Wedges® better for stabilizing wobbly restaurant tables?

Both the Flexible and the Rigid Wobble Wedges are great for stabilizing wobbly tables. Use the Flexible Wobble Wedge for tables set on slick floors like wood, tile or polished concrete. Use the Rigid Wobble Wedges for tables set on patios, carpet, or uneven flooring like brick or handmade tiles.

Are your wedges made in the USA or overseas?

Everything about Wobble Wedges is 100% American-made. That includes engineering, tooling, packaging, printing, boxes, resin and production.

What makes your Wobble Wedges® precision engineered?

We designed the Wobble Wedge to be far more than a tapered shim. It is a highly adaptable tool with superior functionality that makes many shimming, clamping, adjusting, leveling, gluing, sanding and installing jobs easier, faster and more precise. As a modular system of interlocking shims, they are manufactured to maintain exacting tolerances to ensure a perfect non-slip fit every time. (Learn more about the Modular System)

What kind of industries use your wedges?

Here’s just a few:

  • Aircraft industry
    For use in paint rooms and for precise adjustments while tooling large aluminium panels.
  • Furniture manufacturers
    For setting up and adjusting clamping and cutting jigs.
  • Commercial window manufacturers and installers
    For leveling and cushioning large glass panels during installation.
  • HVAC Installation
    To level equipment and eliminate vibration and rattles between steal panels during shipping and daily operation.

What are the Mini Wobble Wedges® used for?

Mini-Wobble Wedges can do anything that a regular Wobble Wedge can do, but because they are so small, they are easy to hide. Use them to fix those small but annoying problems like wobbly flower vases, dinner table decorations, rattling window screens and more!

Can I use your wedges for leveling courses of concrete blocks?

Yes! Learn more at: How To Level Concrete Block

What is the best wedge for fixing a wobbly toilet?</h3

The Flexible White or Flexible Clear Wobble Wedge.

Learn more at: How to Fix A Wobbly Toilet

Will Wobble Wedges® work to level an aquarium?

Yes. Use any combination of the Rigid Wobble Wedges. They can easily support up to 2,000 lbs.

Can you use the Flexible Wedges together with the Rigid Wedges?

Absolutely! Combining Flexible and Rigid wedges can be useful in an unlimited number of applications. Here’s an example: when clamping against a delicate surface, use a combination of a Flexible wedge against the surface to prevent marring and a Rigid wedge against the clamp head for a firm clamping grip.

How do you use Wobble Wedges® to level granite counter top seams?

Wobble Wedges work great for installing granite and other solid surface counter tops. We have provided a tutorial for the process on this page: How to Install Granite Counter Tops

I’ve heard you can just rotate a restaurant table to stop it from wobbling. Why do you need Wobble Wedges® then?

Imagine This:

Your customers are seated and served, only to discover that the table wobbles. Do you get them all up out of their chairs and start spinning? Whoa! There goes my dinner plate to the next person in the spin cycle. That’s no way to make customers happy. And it’s a sure way to discourage tips!

Now Consider This:

Most restaurants have lots of square or rectangular tables. If you rotate these till they are stable, every table in the restaurant would sit at a different angle and every table would have only one very specific place where it would be stable. That will create a very unattractive dining room and a logistical nightmare!

Good Restaurants Rely on Wobble Wedges because:

  • They are the professional solution to wobbly restaurant tables
  • They work instantly even after your customers are seated
  • Your customers will treat you as a hero
  • Heroes get better tips

How in the world did you get two patents on a Wobble Wedge?

We set our sights on taking the inclined plane—one of the oldest and most useful tools known to humans—and endowing it with functionality never before available in a simple wedge. We carved the first Wobble Wedge in clay, the second in apple wood and the third was machined in a strip of plastic. Then we got a bit smarter and developed all subsequent versions on a computer—revising, experimenting and revising again.

We now have an incredibly adaptable modular system of interlocking wedges that makes all sorts of previously tough jobs easier and faster. We think of Wobble Wedges as a highly adaptable tool—not just a shim. And we’re still inventing! Look for more patents in the future.