Maintenance: Ways to Use a WOBBLE WEDGE®

Handy plastic shim ideal for residential maintenance projects and construction

Handymen love Wobble Wedge plastic shims. These handy little plastic shims are available in flexible plastic and rigid plastic and are perfect for a variety of leveling, wedging, and construction purposes. Keep Wobble Wedges in your tool box to ensure a quick and easy fix for a wobbly toilet or rattling appliance. Use Wobble Wedges as furniture levelers to stabilize a leaning bookcase or wobbly end table. Continue reading to explore more ways that Wobble Wedges can be used for residential and commercial maintenance projects.

Level and stabilize power tools: table saws, band saws, & workbench Use as a disposable glue scraper….glue won’t adhere to it Install, level and plumb shop cabinets Level & stabilize
Fix a wobbly toilet with Wobble Wedges, the only toilet shims that feature Secure-Stackability™ in any orientation and any combination. Stack them tall, flat or tapered. Once stacked, they won’t
5 Columns of Deep Off-Set Ridges Create Powerful Non-Slip Grip. When stacked, the offset ridge arrays interlock. Under load, vertical and horizontal slippage between leveling wedges is eliminated unlike other
Improve Clamping Grip & Protect Delicate Surfaces. Use a combination of Hard and Soft Wobble Wedges to improve clamping grip on tapered, curved or irregular shaped objects. Soft Wobble Wedges
Wobble Wedges do a lot more than stabilize wobbly tables and bookcases. They’ll help you solve all sorts of problems quickly and easily. Here’s Just a Few of the 100’s
The toughest job in installing most fountains is perfecting the water flow to achieve the lowest splash and the most pleasing sound.  Wobble Wedges tapered fountain shims make precise adjustments
Leveling precast concrete steps or other large concrete objects is often done with stones, sand or clods of dirt. Using Wobble Wedge tapered shims can be faster and more accurate.
To build a good looking concrete block wall it is critical to get the first course perfectly level. This can be challenging when the foundation wall is not level. Wobble
Shims are often required to achieve a perfect seam between stone countertops. Commonly used contractor shims are long and must be trimmed off at the front of the cabinet.  At