Ways To Use A Wobble Wedge

We designed Wobble Wedges as an interlocking modular system of tapered shims that are so well made and so adaptable they could be used by anyone - from a DIYer to a contractor to an industrial user.

There are hundreds of ways to use Wobble Wedges from stabilizing a wobbly restaurant table, installing a toilet or leveling a backyard fountain or shimming aluminium aircraft panels on an industrial assembly line. For every use we’ve thought of there are dozens more we haven’t thought of.

Click below to read some of the many uses for Wobble Wedges. Have an exciting new use for Wobble Wedges in your home or business? Share it with us on social media for your chance to be featured in this collection.

Plastic Shims for Construction
Strong Plastic Shims for all of your Structural and Construction Needs If you’re looking for a strong plastic shim to
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Evenly spread glue
How to Evenly Spread Glue
Spread glue with Wobble Wedges® for an easy, no-mess application How do you evenly spread glue on a surface without
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How to Level a Washing Machine
Use Wobble Wedges® to Fix a Washer that Shakes, Vibrates or Walks An unbalanced washing machine can sound downright violent
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Prevent Slipping, Scratching & Marks When Using a Vice
Use Wobble Wedges® to stabilize and protect materials in a vice clamp Securing delicate materials in a vice clamp can
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How to Level a Refrigerator
Use Wobble Wedge® refrigerator leveling shims to stabilize your fridge Does your refrigerator wobble when you open it? Or does
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level furniture on a sloped floor
How to Level Furniture on a Sloped Floor
Wobble Wedge® Are Homeowner’s Favorite Furniture Leveling Shims Our 115-year-old Victorian home had real character, and we loved it, but
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Appliance shim
How to Level & Stabilize Home Appliances
Wobble Wedge® shims quiet kitchen appliances and stop rattling washing machines You’re humming away in your kitchen when a sudden
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Fix a wobbly table
A Professional Solution for Wobbly Cafe Tables
Stabilize Restaurant and Cafe Tables with Wobble Wedges® Owning and operating a successful restaurant is all about providing a positive
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Keep Christmas Tree from falling over
Keep Christmas Trees from Falling or Leaning
Wobble Wedges® Plastic Shims Stabilize Your Christmas Trees It’s that time of year again! Boxes of holiday decorations are emerging
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Furniture leveling shim levels furniture on carpet
How to Level Furniture on Carpet
Hard Plastic Shims ideal Furniture Leveler on Carpeting and Rugs Remember the feeling of excitement as you moved your furniture
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