Ways To Use A Wobble Wedge

We designed Wobble Wedges as an interlocking modular system of tapered shims that are so well made and so adaptable they could be used by anyone - from a DIYer to a contractor to an industrial user.

There are hundreds of ways to use Wobble Wedges from stabilizing a wobbly restaurant table, installing a toilet or leveling a backyard fountain or shimming aluminium aircraft panels on an industrial assembly line. For every use we’ve thought of there are dozens more we haven’t thought of.

Click below to read some of the many uses for Wobble Wedges. Have an exciting new use for Wobble Wedges in your home or business? Share it with us on social media for your chance to be featured in this collection.

Plastic Shims for Precast Concrete
Level without Fear of Discoloration or Rot Are you installing or maintaining concrete structures at your home? Many basements and
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Plastic Furniture Leveler under a bookcase foot to bring it to level
How to Fix a Leaning Bookcase
Wobble Wedges® Stabilize on Uneven Flooring There are many reasons why a bookcase or tall shelving unit might be unstable.
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Setting Up a Dorm Room with Wobble Wedges®
3 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Shims in a Dorm Room Dorm room furniture is notoriously “well used” and it’s
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How to Install a New Toilet
Wobble Wedge® Plastic Toilet Shims Make Installing a Toilet Easy There are going to be a thousand frustrations when you
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hard plastic furniture leveling shim
Level Furniture on Soft Flooring
Hard Plastic Shims Level Furniture on Cushioned Surfaces Does your furniture slope on an uneven, carpeted floor? Looking for a
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Mini Wobble Wedges® for Delicate Decoratives
Discreetly Fix Wobbling Home Furnishings Stabilizing objects that are highly visible presents a unique problem, you don’t want your lamp
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Use Hard Wobble Wedges® to Remove Gunk
Scrape Off Sticky Residue with Ease Repurposing glass bottles can be a really fun project. But removing the labels from
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Wobble Wedges® for Woodworking
Plastic Shims Stabilize and Level Tools & Materials   Working with wood means working with a material that is inherently
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Hard & Soft Plastic Shims Work Together
Combine Wobble Wedges® for Versatile Functions One word that should come to mind when you think of Wobble Wedges is
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Stabilize and Level Flower Pots
Use Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims to Prevent Flower Pot Tips and Spills Nothing compares to the feeling of rejuvenation brought
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