Plumbing: Ways to Use a Wobble Wedges®

Fix a Wobbly Toilet with the Ultimate Toilet Shim

Wobble Wedge® plastic toilet shims are every plumbers or residential handyman's favorite tool. Fix a wobbly toilet with ease with this flexible plastic toilet shim. Simply insert a soft plastic Wobble Wedge shim and trim for a perfect fit. Wobble Wedges® can also silence a rattling pipe or prevent rattling appliances. Plumbers prefer Wobble Wedges for all of their plastic shimming needs. Continue reading to explore ways to use Wobble Wedges in your plumbing business or home.

Wobble Wedge® Plastic Toilet Shims Make Installing a Toilet Easy There are going to be a thousand frustrations when you
Plastic Shims with interlocking ridges
Combine Wobble Wedges® for Versatile Functions One word that should come to mind when you think of Wobble Wedges is
Evenly spread glue
Spread glue with Wobble Wedges® for an easy, no-mess application How do you evenly spread glue on a surface without
Use Wobble Wedges® to Fix a Washer that Shakes, Vibrates or Walks An unbalanced washing machine can sound downright violent
Use Wobble Wedges® to stabilize and protect materials in a vice clamp Securing delicate materials in a vice clamp can
What makes a Wobble Wedge the perfect shop tool?Level and stabilize power tools: table saws, band saws, & workbenchUse as
#1 Stack ’em—Wobble Wedges Won’t Slip In Any DirectionWobble Wedges are the only toilet shims that feature Secure-Stackability™ in any
A wobbly toilet is bound to become a leaky wobbly toilet. Leaky toilets can cause a lot of damage to
Wobble Wedges®—The Plumber's Best Toilet ShimWobble Wedges® are the precision engineered toilet shims used by plumbing contractors for over 25