Residential: Ways to use a Wobble Wedge®

Level Furniture likes tables and bookcases, stabilize appliances & more

Homeowners love Wobble Wedges®! Use these handy plastic shims to stabilize residential appliances like a washing machine, refrigerator, or dish washer. Wobble Wedges make ideal furniture levelers. Fix a leaning bookcase or wobbly end table with Wobble Wedge® furniture leveling shims. Continue reading to explore more ways to use Wobble Wedges around your house!

Keep Christmas Tree from falling over
Wobble Wedges® Plastic Shims Stabilize Your Christmas Trees It’s that time of year again! Boxes of holiday decorations are emerging
Furniture leveling shim levels furniture on carpet
Hard Plastic Shims ideal Furniture Leveler on Carpeting and Rugs Remember the feeling of excitement as you moved your furniture
Stabilize a cutting board with wobble wedges
Level Cuttings Boards with Homeowner’s Favorite Plastic Shim Wooden cutting boards warp when exposed to water and become wobbly and
Plastic Shim Pack
Wobble Wedges do a lot more than stabilize wobbly tables and bookcases. They’ll help you solve all sorts of problems
Leveling precast concrete steps or other large concrete objects is often done with stones, sand or clods of dirt. Using
To build a good looking concrete block wall it is critical to get the first course perfectly level. This can
Shims are often required to achieve a perfect seam between stone countertops. Commonly used contractor shims are long and must
How to Stop the Shaky Cafe Table from Spilling Your Drink With Wobble Wedges®Slip a Wobble Wedge table leveler into
Antique and clock repair dealers have relied on the standard sized Wobble Wedges® for over 20 years to level, stabilize
The original and twice patented Wobble Wedges® are precision engineered furniture levelers.They are used by furniture dealers and ready-to-assemble (RTA)