Restaurants: Ways to Use a WOBBLE WEDGE®

Plastic Shim will Fix Wobbly Tables and Stabilizes Kitchen Appliances

Restaurant owners and managers love Wobble Wedge plastic shims as a quick and professional solution to fix wobbly tables and stabilize kitchen appliances. Wobble Wedge plastic shims quickly and easily put an end to wobbly cafe or restaurant tables. No more matchbooks or sugar packets! These plastic shims are available in variety of colors and sizes to seamlessly blend into your environment. Improve safety and customer satisfaction in your restaurant or cafe with Wobble Wedges.

The history of shims starts long before plastic was around. In fact shims or wedges are some of the oldest technology that humans developed. Early shims were made from stone,
One word that should come to mind when you think of Wobble Wedges is “versatility". The hard and soft plastic shims are perfect for different functions. From working great as
Does your refrigerator wobble when you open it? Or does your refrigerator door swing wide open when you’re reaching in for the milk? These are signs that your refrigerator is