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Made In The USA

What's A Wobble Wedge®?

A modular system of securely-stackable interlocking plastic shims

Wobble Wedges are a modular system of precision engineered, securely stackable, non-slip, tapered leveling plastic shims made in the USA. They are available in four interlocking and cross-nesting sizes, in both soft and hard plastic. Wobble Wedges are perfect furniture levelers, toilet shims, and more! All sized can be used independently or stacked together in any combination or orientation to level, tilt, pry, twist, tighten, align, separate, cushion, bend, glue, sand or silence.

Wobble Wedge plastic shim

Interlocking Plastic Shim

Interlocking design

Guide slot for grabability


Wobble Wedge plastic leveling wedge


Rigid plastic & soft plastic

Tough and durable


Wobble Wedge Shims


4 different sizes

Modular system

Won't shrink or swell

Wobble Wedges Furniture Levelers Plastic Shim

Plastic Shims For Every Project

Wobble Wedges in 3 unique, interlocking sizes

Ways To Use Wobble Wedges

BigGap Wobble Wedges
Our Biggest Plastic Shim Can Be Used For All Kinds of Jobs Our BigGap™ Wobble Wedges® are our tallest plastic
Stop wobbling Potted Plants
Steady Your Houseplants with Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims  A beautiful indoor plant jungle can transform a home into your own
Compression Marks in Carpet
Plastic Shims can help prevent unsightly indentations from furniture Heavy furniture can leave some serious indentations in carpet! Small feet
How to Level Countertop Appliances
And Stop Them From Scooting Across Your Counter Small countertop appliances can annoyingly wobble every time you open the door