About Us

It All Started In An Old Victorian Home

Our 115-year-old Victorian home had real character, and we loved it. But, the floors sloped so badly in all directions that all of our furniture wobbled, tilted or leaned precariously into the center of the room. Our bathroom sink, and even the toilet, wobbled as well.

After 10 years of using everything from pennies, wooden chips, and washers to level all our wobbly furniture, we finally came to the realization that every homeowner had all sorts of wobbly problems to solve. That’s when we decided to invent Wobble Wedges, the perfect shim just for homeowners. Little did we know that we also invented the perfect shim for restaurants, plumbing contractors’, aerospace tool rooms, and all sorts of other professional applications.

Since 1985

Over 35 years ago, we invented, patented, and began marketing the original Wobble Wedges through our new company, Focus 12, Inc. Restaurants, food service distributors, hospitality providers, plumbing contractors, cabinet and closet installers, woodworkers, furniture makers, industrial manufacturers, and many others have come to rely on the superior quality and functionality of Wobble Wedges for their shimming needs.

Wobble Wedges® Are No Ordinary Shims

We designed Wobble Wedges as an interlocking modular system of tapered shims that are so well made and so adaptable they could be used by anyone – from a DIYer to a contractor to an industrial user.  Wobble Wedges are equally effective at stabilizing a wobbly restaurant table, installing a toilet or leveling a backyard fountain as they are in shimming aluminium aircraft panels on an industrial assembly line.

Twice-Patented Market Innovator

A shim, is a shim, is a shim, was the standard thought some 25 years ago. But that is not the case today. We have pushed the envelope on wedge design and functionality, earning us two U.S. patents with others in the works. Wobble Wedges are truly unique.

100% Made in USA

Wobble Wedges are made and packed in the USA. That includes tooling, production, and plastic resin production. Even our website design and development takes place 100% in the USA.

Leading Producer Of Premium Grade Tapered Shims

Focus 12, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of toilet shims, table shims, contractor installation shims, commercial window installation shims, and industrial assembly shims. We are able to provide any and all of our modular shims in bulk or packaged in our widely recognized and respected Wobble Wedges® label.

Our Values – Simplicity, Respect, and Quality

Simplicity, respect, and quality are our primary values. Our commitment is to treat all our customers, vendors, truckers, laborers, and even our competitors with total respect. If you experience a problem with a website order, a shipment, or any other concern, we will solve that problem quickly, and in the simplest way possible. We take great pleasure in treating our smallest customers with the same excitement and appreciation that we give our largest customers. Everything we ship will be of the highest possible quality.