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America’s Four Biggest Wobbles

There are four objects that Americans most commonly complain about wobbling in their household; tables, toilets, chairs, and desks. Most of us will encounter these wobbling objects many times throughout our lives. In this article, we’ll tell you how Wobble Wedge plastic shims were made to solve these very wobbles. No Wobble Wedges on hand? No worries! Get started with a Variety Pack to solve the majority of your household shim needs.

Fix Wobbly Tables

Is your table rocking because one of the legs is not making perfect contact with the ground? It’s a common occurrence as tables endure wear and tear or if they are placed on uneven flooring surfaces. Gone are the days of placing a matchbook or sugar packet under the table leg! Use a Wobble Wedge plastic shim to quickly and professionally fix your wobbly table. These plastic shims are available in three sizes and colors. Pick the right size and color for your project.

Stabilize Wobbly Toilets

For more than 35 years, Wobble Wedges have been the preferred solution for professional plumbers looking to quickly stabilize Wobbly toilets. These flexible plastic shims can hold up to 2,000 lbs, more than enough capacity for most residential and commercial toilet fixtures. Place one or multiple flexible plastic Wobble Wedges in the gap between the bottom of the porcelain and the floor until the toilet no longer rocks. Use a razor blade to trim away the excess shim material for a fully professional finish.

Level Wobbly Chairs

Wobble Wedges won’t fix every variety of wobbly chair, but they can be very handy for supporting decorative chairs, armchairs, and other types of chairs with leg-style supports. If the leg of the chair is not making perfect contact with the ground, and that is causing it to rock or wobble, use Wobble Wedges to shim the gap. Use the flexible plastic Wobble Wedges on hard flooring surfaces for maximum traction. Use the hard plastic Wobble Wedges on soft flooring material like carpets or rugs.

Stabilize Wobbly Desks

If the supports for your desk is sitting unevenly and that is causing your desk to rock or wobble, you can use Wobble Wedges to stabilize your workspace. Our desks hold some of our most expensive and valuable technology and not to mention the occasional cup of coffee or glass of water. It’s important that they sit perfectly stable. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to fill any gaps between the bottom of the desk supports and the flooring material.  

Get started with a Wobble Wedge Variety Pack and be prepared for all of life’s wobbles.