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Easy Fixes for Furniture and Appliances on Uneven Floors

You just bought an incredible historic home and it’s time to start moving in your furniture. As the day wears on you notice a recurring theme, things just aren’t sitting right on the uneven hardwood floors. This is part of the charm of old homes but is definitely a nuisance when it comes to getting your bookshelves and end tables to sit level. If you know your home has uneven floors, equip yourself with a variety pack of Wobble Wedges to secure all of your furniture and appliances.

Level Furniture on Hardwood Floors, Carpet, and More

Wobble Wedge shims are available in three helpful sizes and can be stacked and combined to level any piece of residential or commercial furniture. Level bookshelves, end tables, chairs, couches, coffee tables, dining room tables, desks, benches, and more. The idea is simple! Simply insert a Wobble Wedge into the gap between the bottom of your furniture and the uneven flooring surface below it. Simply trim off any excess visible plastic for a professional and clean finish.

Level Kitchen Appliances on Uneven Floors

The kitchen looked perfect in the real estate photos and you didn’t notice anything during the inspection and walkthrough, but now that you’ve moved in it’s obvious that the kitchen floor is not level. The refrigerator door swings open if not perfectly closed and the dishwasher seems to wobble. Wobble Wedge plastic shims can also stabilize and level residential and commercial appliances. Each wedge can bear up to 2,000 pounds of weight and the patented ridges keep the wedges from sliding under pressure.

Level a Wobbly Toilet

This is another common issue with uneven floors and super easy to overlook at first! If your porcelain toilet doesn’t sit perfectly level on the floor it might rock or wobble when weight is applied to the toilet seat. Use a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge to shim the gap between the toilet and the flooring material. Trim any visible plastic and enjoy a secure, unflinching toilet.

Get Started with Wobble Wedges

Unsure where to start with Wobble Wedges? First, know that they are available in three different sizes and three different colors. They are also available in flexible and rigid plastic. Use Mini Wobble Wedges for your smallest wobbles and BigGap Wedges for your industrial-sized gaps, like appliances. Use a black, white, or clear Wobble Wedge respectively to best match the aesthetic of your environment. Get started at