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How to Evenly Spread Glue

Evenly spread glue

Spread glue with Wobble Wedges® for an easy, no-mess application

How do you evenly spread glue on a surface without making a mess or ruining your applicator? Wobble Wedge® plastic leveling shims are a quick, easy, and affordable solution for leveling furniture and appliances, stabilizing a wobbly toilet, or fixing a leaning bookcase. You probably wouldn’t think of Wobble Wedges when you’re looking for a flawless glue applicator, but this is actually one of the surprising ways that Wobble Wedges® can come in handy around the home. Our soft plastic shims flex around objects with texture or curvature, allowing you to evenly spread glue without making a mess.

What makes a Wobble Wedge perfect for spreading glue?

Wobble Wedges are available in soft and hard plastic. The soft plastic easily flexes and bends around objects with curvature or texture, allowing for an even, consistent application of glue. Wobble Wedge plastic shims feature unique, patented ridges that catch and hold the glue, allowing you to evenly spread glue on a surface without leaving clumps or globs. Simply rinse your Wobble Wedge clean and store for future use, or dispose after application.

wood glue spreader

The perfect wood glue spreader

Carpenters and craftsmen rejoice! The perfect wood glue applicator is finally here. Wobble Wedges evenly spread wood glue on flat, contoured, and textured surfaces. Simply squeeze a small amount of wood glue onto the flat side of a Wobble Wedge and drag the wedge (glue side down) along the surface onto which you’d like to apply the glue. Add wood glue to the underside of the Wobble Wedge as necessary to apply a consistent coat.

Wash and re-use or simply throw away

It’s easy to wash the glue off your Wobble Wedge when the glue is still wet. Wash the Wobble Wedge under warm running water and use your fingers to remove any excess glue from the interlocking ridges. Pat your Wobble Wedges dry with a paper towel or let them air dry and store for future use. Did your glue applicator get caked with dry glue? No worries! Wobble Wedges are an excellent disposable options for spreading glue.

Spread wood glue

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