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Wobble Wedges: A Must-Have Tool for Event Planners and Caterers

Event planning and event production are not for the faint of heart. You have to be incredibly detail-oriented to think through every aspect of the event flow, what attendees will need to feel comfortable and satiated, and what infrastructure is required. Everything from extension cords to dessert spoons is likely to end up on the list for an event planner or large event caterer, but we’re here to tell you today that there’s one item missing from your kit; Wobble Wedges!

Wobble Wedge plastic shims have endless uses in the event setting, from shimming large, hot platters of food on uneven banquet tables, to stabilizing the sweetheart table for a perfectionist bride and groom. Wobble Wedges are available in three different sizes and can be stacked to combine using patented interlocking ridges. Make every event perfect by adding a Wobble Wedge Variety Pack to your toolkit.

Wobble Wedges Shim Dining and Banquet Tables

Level any of your event tables with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Many large scale events use rental services to provide the dining tables, banquet tables, bar tops, and more. This used equipment can get damaged over time and lean, rock, or wobble especially if the tables are placed on uneven surfaces like gravel, dirt, or pavers. Use one or multiple Wobble Wedges under a table leg to stabilize the table.

Shim and Stabilize Catering Trays and Dishes

Catered meals for large events can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s incredibly important that every detail is perfect when it comes to presentation and serving. Use Wobble Wedge plastic shims to level and stabilize catering trays and serving dishes, even if they contain hot food. Flexible plastic Wobble Wedge shims can even be used to keep dishes from slipping, sliding, or shifting on slippery surfaces. The flexible plastic shim and patented ridges offer a rubbery grip for heavy dishes full of food.

Mini Wobble Wedges for Centerpieces and Displays

The smallest shim in the Wobble Wedge family is the Mini Wedge. Use this little guy for polishing off perfect centerpiece displays! Shim glass pieces, vases, floral arrangements, photo frames, and more with Mini Wobble Wedges. Available in clear plastic, these little wedges will blend seamlessly into your display. Event attendees will only notice the quality of the arrangement.

Add Wobble Wedge Variety Pack to Your Kit


These are just a few of the ways to use Wobble Wedges as an event planner or caterer. Add a Variety Pack to your preparedness kit so you can ensure every detail is perfect whether you’re facilitating a wedding, a community event, or any gathering that demands attention to detail.