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How to Level a Workbench

Level Your Workbench for Ease of Use and Safety

A lot of workbenches are in garages on concrete slabs. Most garage floors are set up to drain any moisture that might accumulate. Meaning they’re poured so that they slope and aren’t level. Placing your workbench on this surface is bound to cause it to lean. This can be dangerous, as tools roll off and a rocking bench could mean accidental injury too. Luckily Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are strong and durable. Our plastic shims are perfect for leveling heavy objects, taking +2,000lbs of force. Here’s how to level a workbench: 

Why Level Your Workbench?

Workbenches serve a lot of different functions, from tool catch-all when not in use to vital asset during a task executed with precision. When you pile tools on your bench it’s important to have it level so that they don’t roll off. It’s that simple. If your bench wobbles or slopes your expensive hand tools could go clattering to the floor and be damaged. It’s equally important to have your workbench level when you are working at it. Imagine you’re planing a piece of wood and right at the end of your pass the bench rocks and your plane digs in tearing out the wood grain. There are so many instances where a wobbling or moving workbench could be disastrous and downright dangerous! So level your workbench for ease of use and safety.

How to Level a Workbench

Get Out Your Level!

If your workbench has legs and rocks back and forth, push on the corners to determine which of the legs are lifting off the ground. More likely than not, one of the legs that lifts will need to be shimmed. If the workbench has cabinets under it, you might not be able to see which sides are lifting up. In both cases, take at least a one foot level and place it back-to-front and side-to-side on your bench. On your level the side that has the bubble is the higher side of the bench, so you’ll need to shim the opposite corner.

Stabilize with Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims

Take a hard/rigid Wobble Wedge® plastic shim and place it under the side of the bench that’s too low. Our hard/rigid plastic shims can take +2,000lbs of force, so even your heaviest tool bench should be covered. If the gap is bigger than a single Wobble Wedge® plastic shim, no worries! You can safely stack our plastic shims thanks to their patented interlocking ridges. These ridges keep the plastic shims from moving when stacked. Allowing you to use as many plastic shims as necessary to do the job. After placing your plastic shims, verify that it’s level. Congrats! You’ve learned how to level a workbench!

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