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How To Install A Concrete Water Fountain

Many homeowners love the look and the sound of concrete water fountains in home gardens or as lavish landscaping elements on estates. However, the ground where you are installing a concrete fountain is rarely flat. Luckily, Wobble Wedge plastic shims make it easy to level a concrete water fountain during installation. These rigid plastic shims can hold up to 2,000 pounds per shim and can be stacked to fill any gap. Continue reading to learn exactly how to use Wobble Wedges to level a concrete fountain during installation.

How to Level a Concrete Fountain During Installation

  1. Select a location.
  2. Install a foundation if needed. Fountains weighing under 30 lbs can be placed right on the leveled ground. Fountains over 30 lbs will need to be placed on a broad foundation made of cinder blocks, flagstone, or poured concrete.
  3. Dig a trench to lay in a GFI electrical power line to the fountain location. Be sure to consult your local building codes to learn the correct method for laying power lines in your area.
  4. Dig in a second trench for a water line. If you wish to run your fountain in the winter, be sure to bury the water line below the frost line in your area.
  5. Follow the instructions provided with your fountain to install the hardware and pump. Be sure to leave an easy access to the pump and water lines for cleaning and maintenance.
  6. Place the first tier of the fountain on the foundation with the water line ready to go into the successive tiers. Place a long carpenter’s level across the lip of the first tier and rotate it around to see where it needs to be raised to be level.
  7. Using a thin pry bar, raise the fountain and slip in Hard Wobble Wedges where needed. Rotate the level often to insure it is level in all directions.
  8. Install each successive tiers with water line.
  9. Fill the fountain with water and turn on the power. Check for leaks and tighten connections if needed.
  10. As the water is running, use a pry bar to slip Hard Wobble Wedges or Hard Mini-Wobble Wedges under each tier where they are needed to achieve the perfect water flow.

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