Install Plumbing Fixtures Faster, Easier, and More Precisely

Wobble Wedges®—The Plumber's Best Toilet Shim

Wobble Wedges® are the precision engineered toilet shims used by plumbing contractors for over 25 years to fix wobbly toilets, level sinks, adjust drainage on tubs, stabilize shower stalls, level water heaters, silence rattling water pipes and more. They are available in both hard plastic to support heavy loads and soft easy-to-trim flexible plastic to cushion and protect.

Use Soft Wobble Wedges® to for Perfect Toilet Shim

Wobble Wedge toilet shims will level any toilet. Soft Wobble Wedges are easy to trim with a utility knife, tin snips or even scissors. Their rubber-like structure and deep ridge pattern conforms to the uneven surfaces under toilets insuring a firm no-slip grip and rock-solid stability. 

How To Fix a Wobbly Toilet With a Wobble Wedge Toilet Shim

Install Sinks, Tubs, and Showers with Soft Wobble Wedges®

Soft Wobble Wedges provide a soft cushion to protect delicate porcelain, glass, stone, or granite fixtures from chipping or cracking.

Silence Rattling Water Pipes

Soft Wobble Wedges absorb vibration and reduce or eliminate rattles between pipes, HVAC panels and more. Slipping a Soft Wobble Wedge between a pipe hanger and a water line, or wrapping one around a pipe running through a joist are two common uses.

Hard Wobble Wedges® Are Used for Plumbing Too

Hard Wobble Wedges work well for all plumbing applications. They work best for installing utility sinks, tubs, hot tubs and other heavy fixtures that require more rigid support.