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How to Level Furniture on a Sloped Floor

level furniture on a sloped floor

Wobble Wedge® Are Homeowner’s Favorite Furniture Leveling Shims

Our 115-year-old Victorian home had real character, and we loved it, but the floors sloped so badly that all of our furniture wobbled, tilted or leaded precariously. We had leaning bookshelves, wobbly tables, and rattling appliances. After 10 years of using everything from pennies, wooden chips, and matchbooks to level all of our wobbly furniture, we finally came to the realization we weren’t alone. That’s when we decided to invent Wobble Wedges®, the perfect leveling wedge for homeowners. Now, more than 25 years later, we’re still the preferred plastic shim to level furniture on a sloped floor.

furniture leveling shims

Help! My bookcase is leaning!

Our shelves and bookcases bare a lot of weight holding heavy books, sculptures, and sentimental items. It can be darn right alarming when we notice their precarious lean and can become an outright safety hazard when their are children around or pets prone to climbing. Level your leaning bookcases with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Place a level on the shelf of your bookcase, and with two hands placed firmly against the bookcase, gently sway it into position. Have a helper use one or multiple, stacked Wobble Wedges to fill the gap between the base of your bookcase and the floor. Our unique, patented design features interlocking ridges that prevent the wedges from sliding or slipping apart once stacked.

Stop end tables from rocking

Put an end to spilled beverages or teetering antiques on your uneven end tables with our intelligently designed plastic shims. Wobble Wedges are available in a variety of colors and sizes to provide a perfect fix while going unnoticed in your unique environment. Standard Size Wobble Wedges are ideal for medium and large sized tables. Use hard plastic Wobble Wedges to level furniture on carpet and soft plastic leveling wedges for items on hard flooring materials. Wobble Wedge Minis are perfect for particularly delicate or antiquitous end tables with slender legs or feet.

stop end tables from rocking

Silence Rattling Appliances

Rigid appliances on uneven flooring can rattle and create an incredibly disruptive noises. Use Wobble Wedge furniture levelers to silence rattling appliances on a sloped floor. Place a level on top of your appliance, and with both hands placed firmly on the appliance, gently sway the appliance into position. Use a Wobble Wedge leveling shim to fill the gap between the base of the appliance and the floor. Click here to browse the complete line of Wobble Wedge plastic shims.

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