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How to Level a Washing Machine

Use Wobble Wedges® to Fix a Washer that Shakes, Vibrates or Walks

An unbalanced washing machine can sound downright violent rattling and shaking in your laundry room. If your washing machine shakes, moves, vibrates, or walks it is most likely because your washing machine is not placed on perfectly level ground and becomes unbalanced and wobbly as the heavy laundry whirls through its wash cycle. If your washing machine isn’t placed on perfectly level ground, one or more of the “feet” may have the ability to raise slightly off the floor, causing the washing machine to become unbalanced and noisy as the unlevel foot raises and lowers down. As the speed of your wash cycle increases, the vibration gets worse. To fix a washer that shakes or vibrates, use a Wobble Wedge® leveling shim to level the base of your washer and stop rattling and wobbling at the source.

Check to see if your washing machine is level

Do you suspect your washing may be unbalanced because it’s on an uneven flooring material? Place both of your palms firmly against the top of the washing machine. Push to gently rock your washing machine front to back and side to side. If your washing machine sways, and one or more feet lift off the ground, then your washing machine is not level.

Level your washing machine with Wobble Wedges

Once you have identified which foot (or feet) lift off the ground, use a Wobble Wedge plastic shim to secure and stabilize the bottom of your washing machine. These patented tapered shims slide easily into place, then firmly hold their grip to prevent your washing machine from wobbling, vibrating, or walking. Our soft plastic Wobble Wedge shims are ideal for stabilizing appliances on hard flooring materials, like wood, tile, or linoleum. Use hard plastic Wobble Wedges for appliances on soft flooring materials, like carpet or rugs.

fix a washer that shakes and moves

Prevent mold and mildew in your washing machine

When you keep Wobble Wedges around your house, you won’t believe the number of surprising ways you’ll find to use them! We use Wobble Wedges to prop open the door of our front loading washing machine when it’s not in use to prevent that musty, moldy smell. Simply insert one of our soft plastic leveling wedges near the hinges to keep the door from swinging all the way closed. This will allow fresh air to circulate in your washing machine and prevent any build up of mold or mildew.

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