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Leveling Base Cabinets

Shim and Stabilize Kitchen Cabinets

Are you installing new cabinetry in your home? Or perhaps you’ve discovered a wobble in one of your currently installed base cabinets. A wobbly or uneven countertop can be a safety hazard and a general disruption to kitchen productivity….not to mention, just plain annoying! This is why it’s key when installing and leveling base cabinets that they are even and level.

One of the advantages of Wobble Wedge® plastic shims is that because they are made of plastic, they are ideal for use in areas where water could cause other shims to rot, like the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, outdoors, etc. So if you are installing and leveling base cabinets in your kitchen, Wobble Wedge® plastic shims will work great for leveling and stabilizing your new cabinets.

Shim Beneath the Cabinet

When installing base cabinets it is very important that they are level because this will affect how the countertop sits as well as the visual line created by the doors of the cabinets. You should always start with the corner cabinet first when installing base cabinets, and then move out from there. When placing the cabinet leave a space between the cabinet and wall as recommended by the cabinet manufacturer. Use hard plastic Wobble Wedge shims under the cabinet to bring it up to the cabinet line you have drawn on the wall. If they stick out beyond the edge of the cabinet, you can trim them later using an utility knife before you install the toe-kick.

Shim Against the Walls

Wobble Wedges can also be used along the wall behind the cabinets as spacers. Because you will have a space (per the manufacturer guidelines), place Wobble Wedge plastic shims between the cabinet and wall at each stud. Stack your plastic shims to fill the gap, they will grip each other because of the patented interlocking ridges on all Wobble Wedges. Drill one hole at each stud, through the cabinet and shims, and partially drive screws into these holes. Verify the level and plumb of the cabinets, if they aren’t level adjust with more plastic shims as necessary. Finish driving the screws through the cabinet and shims to safely secure the cabinet to the wall.

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