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Prevent Slipping, Scratching & Marks When Using a Vice

Use Wobble Wedges® to stabilize and protect materials in a vice clamp

Securing delicate materials in a vice clamp can be a challenge. Shiny metals will slip in a vice clamp if it’s not tightened down enough and will scratch or dent if the vice is overtightened. This can be a problem for plumbers or handymen looking to manipulate delicate copper pipes and is especially detrimental for jewelry makers looking to solder and polish particularly sensitive metals like silver and gold. Our soft plastic tapered shims are perfect for holding delicate materials in a vice to prevent slipping and scratch marks.

Hold piping and soft metal materials in a vice clamp

Securing a round pipe in a vice with a flat clamping surface can be a pain, especially if you can’t overtighten the vice and risk denting or scratching the material. Wobble Wedge® tapered plastic shims are perfect for keeping material from slipping in a vice and avoiding swirl marks, bites, or scratches. Simply place soft plastic Wobble Wedges on either side of your material. Use the tapered structure to help secure round piping or any material with curvature. The soft plastic  wedge material is flexible and will bend around your material while the patented ridges help grip your material and prevent slipping in the vice.

Avoid vice bites, scratches and marks

Use Wobble Wedge soft plastic shims to help avoid vice vites, scratches, and marring of the surface of your material. The soft plastic wedges help protect your delicate material from any sharp grooves on the clamps of your vice. Allowing you to tighten the vice enough to securely hold your materials WITHOUT causing vice bites or scratches. Our tapered leveling shims are designed with a flexible soft plastic that will gently absorb the pressure of the vice clamp and hold your material in place.

Perfect for plumbers and jewelers

Plumbers working with soft metal piping materials need to be able to perform careful soldering and fittings without creating dents or misshaping the pipe. Plumbers will also want to keep Wobble Wedge plastic shims in their tool box for leveling wobbly toilets and silencing rattling pipes. Jewelers working with especially delicate metals can’t risk damaging an expensive piece by overtightening their vice clamp. Jewelers can utilize standard sized soft plastic Wobble Wedge and Mini Wobble Wedges depending on the size of the material to be held in the vice.

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