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Setting Up a Dorm Room with Wobble Wedges®

3 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Shims in a Dorm Room

Dorm room furniture is notoriously “well used” and it’s often seen better days. And since there’s often not much say in who your roommate is and how your room is set-up, getting it livable is very important. Here’s how to stop creaking old furniture, rattling AC units, uneven desks, Wobble Wedge® has got you covered.

Stop Creaking Furniture

Some people want the top bunk, some people don’t, either way getting into your dorm bed shouldn’t make a ruckus. If there’s creaking or squeaking coming from the bunks, soft plastic Wobble Wedges® shims will solve the problem. Their soft rubbery material will absorb vibrations stopping any noises the bed makes.

Once you find the source of the squeak, gently wedge the gap with a soft Wobble Wedge®. Then cut off the excess shim with an exact-o blade. Typical locations the noise might be coming from: the joints of the wood frame, where the top bunk and the bottom bunk meet, under the mattress if there are slats or support bars, and where the ladder and the top bunk meet.

Stop Creaking Furniture

Rattling AC Units

If the dorm room has a window AC unit, they can cause a lot of noise if they don’t fit perfectly. Check that there are no visible spaces on all four sides, along the sill, window frame, and any fillers. If there are any gaps, this is probably the source of the rattle. Use a Standard Size Wobble Wedge® or Wobble Wedge® Mini to close the gap between the screen and unit or the screen and the window sill to silence the noise.

If there are no visible gaps around the AC unit, check if it rocks back and forth or sways on the window sill. If it moves, it’s not level, and this can also cause a rattling noise. Place a level on top of the unit and use soft Standard Size Wobble Wedges® to bring it up to level.

Wobbling Woes

Other items in your dorm room to check for creaks and wobbles are the desk, the mini-fridge or microwave, and the dresser/bureau. Soft plastic Wobble Wedges® shims are ideal for use on hard surfaces, like the typical linoleum floor in dorm rooms. If you have carpet or foam flooring though, our hard plastic furniture shims will provide a stable base for your leveling needs.

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