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Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble Wedges

Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble Wedges

We love old houses because of their character and charm, not because of their perfectly level flooring. If you live in an old home or a home that has incurred some type of environmental damage or shift, you may be struggling with uneven flooring in different parts of your house. Uneven flooring is particularly prevalent in basements, garages, and other workspaces with concrete or dirt floors. In spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms living with uneven flooring becomes a nuisance, causing furniture and appliances to rock and tilt. Wobble Wedge plastic shims can help stabilize furniture and appliances in residential and commercial spaces where uneven flooring is an issue.

Solving Uneven Flooring Issues with Wobble WedgesLevel Furniture on Uneven Hard Floors

If you have wooden floors that have become warped or another hard flooring material, use Flexible Plastic Wobble Wedge shims to stabilize your furniture. The flexible plastic and patented ridges will keep your furniture firmly in place. Stack multiple shims as needed to gain height. These shims work well for residential appliances on kitchen flooring, bookshelves on hardwood floors, cabinetry on tile flooring, and more.

Level Furniture on Soft Flooring

Wobble Wedge shims work for furniture on soft flooring materials, like carpets and rugs, as well. On soft flooring materials, use a Rigid Plastic Wobble Wedge to help stabilize and level furniture items like couches, coffee tables, bookshelves, and more. Using a Wobble Wedge shim under the legs of heavy furniture items will also help reduce impressions left on carpet and other soft flooring materials.

Wedges for Appliances on Unfinished Floors

If you have appliances going into an unfinished space like a basement or garage with unfinished floors, use BigGap Wobble Wedges to help elevate and level appliances off the ground. BigGap wedges can support up to 2,000 lbs and won’t shrink, rot, or swell if exposed to the elements like moisture. 

Small Wedges for Small Wobbles

For your tiniest wobbles, use a mini Wobble Wedge plastic shim to level and stabilize furniture or appliances. These are the smallest plastic wedges in the Wobble Wedge family, but they come in handy when other wedges are just too large. Mini Wobble Wedges are available in Rigid and Flexible plastic varieties, so apply the same rules described above—Flexible plastic on hard flooring materials and Rigid plastic on soft flooring materials.

Get started with a Variety Pack of Wobble Wedges to experiment with solving all of your uneven flooring discrepancies. A Variety Pack includes standard-sized wedges, BigGap shims, and Mini Wobble Wedges in Flexible and Rigid plastic.