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Stabilize Your Grill with Wobble Wedges®

Stop Rolling and Clean the Gunk Off Too!

Grilling out is one of the joys of summertime. There’s something about cooking your food over open flame that increases the satisfaction! But if your patio, deck or the ground where your grill is setup isn’t level, this can mean your grill leans, rocks or rolls around. Don’t let this dampen your grill mastery, Wobble Wedge® plastic shims can help stabilize your grill, stop it from rolling around, and even help clean the gunk off too!

Uneven Ground, Patio or Decking

An unsteady grill is likely caused by uneven ground, whether because of decking boards warping or the concrete of your patio being uneven. But how do you fix it? Rather than ripping out your deck, let’s stabilize and level your grill! Take a small level and place it on top of your grill. Check the level front to back and side to side. Whichever side the bubble goes to in your level is the side of the grill that is higher, so we will shim the opposite side. Using hard plastic Wobble Wedges® place them under the foot of the grill. Recheck the level and adjust as needed with more plastic shims. If you need more than one wedge, our patented interlocking ridges allow you to safely stack Wobble Wedges® to get the height you need.

Showing a wheel on a grill with two Wobble Wedge plastic shims to stop the wheel from rolling, ie chock blocks

Stop Rolling Caster Feet

If your grill likes to take a walk on you while flipping burgers, you might benefit from making it more stationary. No one wants to chase their hot grill while barbecuing! This could be caused by the lock on the wheels having broken or not functioning properly. Luckily Wobble Wedge® tapered shims work great as chock blocks to stop the caster feet from rolling. Take two hard plastic Wobble Wedges® and wedge them under either side of the wheels of at least two of the caster feet. For added security and if your grill is in a permanent position, you can use the conveniently pre-drilled holes in your Wobbles Wedges® to screw the wedges into place.

Scrape gunk off your grill with plastic wedges

Scrape the Gunk Off Your Grill

One of the uses for Wobble Wedges® that might not seem obvious at first is using them as scrapers. Our hard plastic shims make for excellent scrapers to remove gunk anywhere, and a grill is no exception. Built up food residue can become strongly adhered to your grill even after just a few uses. Once your grill has cooled off completely, take a hard plastic Wobble Wedge® and run it along the grate of the grill. The ridges on Wobble Wedges® can also help to scrape off the buildup. Afterwards you can throw away the wedge or wash it with soap and water and reuse it. Whichever you prefer!

Please Note: Wobble Wedges® should not come in contact with any part of the grill that would reach a temperature higher than 200°F. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions about the location of heat vents on the unit, Wobble Wedges® should not be placed in contact with the area(s) where heat is vented.

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