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Stop Annoying Compression Marks in Carpet

Compression Marks in Carpet

Plastic Shims can help prevent unsightly indentations from furniture

Heavy furniture can leave some serious indentations in carpet! Small feet on furniture put a lot of pressure on the carpet fibers, compressing them under the full weight of the item. But how to stop these annoying compression marks in carpet? Spread out the weight of the furniture over a larger area. This is where Wobble Wedge® hard/rigid plastic shims come in! Read below for info on how to fix the compression marks you already have in your carpet, and how our plastic shims can prevent new ones.

How to Fix Compression Marks in Carpet

If you’ve moved your furniture around in a carpeted room you’ve definitely had to deal with compression marks. These annoying spots where the fibers of your carpet just won’t “bounce back” like they should. There are two common suggestions for fixing a compression mark. Most common is using ice cubes. Place an ice cube (or more than one depending on the size of the indent) in the compressed area. Let it melt, after melting the water should have expanded the compressed fibers. Blot up the excess water and fluff the carpet with your fingers. The second option is to use steam. Take a damp towel and place it over the indentation, use a clothes iron set to medium (with steam) and iron over the towel for about a minute. DO NOT iron the carpet directly, as the iron will melt the carpet! The steam will do much the same thing as the ice, and expand the fibers of the carpet. Then fluff with your fingers. 

Compression Marks in Carpet

How to Use Plastic Shims to Prevent Compression Marks in Carpet

But how do you prevent compression marks in your carpet to begin with? One suggestion is to move each furniture item a few inches every couple of weeks. But that just seems like way too much work to do forever! The better solution is to disperse the weight of the furniture item over a larger area. Narrow legs on furniture put all of the weight down in one tiny spot, compressing the carpet and leaving a mark. A wider foot spreads out the weight over a larger area and doesn’t compress the carpet as much. This is why using a Wobble Wedge® plastic shim under the feet of your furniture can prevent compression marks. Simply take a hard/rigid standard Wobble Wedge® plastic shim and place it under each foot. Our hard/rigid plastic shims come in both clear and black plastic, so they can blend into your decor. And Wobble Wedge® hard/rigid plastic shims can take +2,000 lbs of force, so even your heaviest armoire or display case can easily be supported.

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