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Stop Scuff Marks from Hanging Frames

Framed Photos hanging on a wall.

Use Mini Wobble Wedges® to Stop the Scuffs

Hanging framed paintings or family photos can really make a home feel cozy and lived in. But what do you do when your hanging frames leave scuff marks on your wall? Not only does it look bad, if you rent it can mean you’ll get charged for repainting the rooms when you move out. This is a perfect situation to use Mini Wobble Wedge® plastic shims! The soft/flexible plastic of our shims makes for the ideal buffer between your hanging art and the wall. Read below how to use plastic shims to stop annoying scuff marks.

Why Is My Frame Leaving Scuff Marks?

Scuff marks on walls happen when the hanging frame is in direct contact with the wall. Each step, jump or bump that happens in your house or apartment will cause a vibration through your floor or wall. These little vibrations over time will cause your frames to move. This is why you’ll notice your frame is lopsided one day, and it never was before, it very slowly got out of level without you noticing! If you live in a newly built house this might not be an issue for you. But in older homes or apartments that might not have as much insulation or structural supports in the floor system, it’s likely your frames move some. 

Often when getting framing done professionally they will attach little rubber stoppers to the bottom of the frame so it won’t leave a mark on your wall. But if you don’t have those little bumpers, Mini Wobble Wedge® plastic shims will work just as well. 

Scuff Marks from Hanging Frames
Where’s the wedge? It’s just under the lip of the frame, lifting it off the wall to stop the scuffs!

How to Stop Scuff Marks

First you’ll want to level your hanging frame. Take a small level and place it on top of the frame, adjust the position of the frame until the bubble is in the center of the level. Now lift up the bottom of the frame and place at least two soft/flexible Mini Wobble Wedge® plastic shims between the frame and the wall. The weight of the frame will hold the plastic shims in place against the wall. Be sure to position them so they are out of sight, so that only the clear edge of the plastic shim is visible. Re-level your frame if needed.

Mini Wobble Wedges and sticky-tac on the back of a frame to stop scuff marks from hanging frames. Three images show how to position the sticky-tac (make it into a small cylinder) on the back of a wedge and stick it to the bottom of the frame.

If you’d like to adhere them to the frame, remove the frame from the wall. Take sticky-tac or other adhesive, like water based glue or tape, and position the soft/flexible Mini Wobble Wedge® plastic shims (at least two) along the bottom of the frame. Again make sure that the plastic shims are just past the edge of the frame, but not sticking out so they will be noticeable. Once the adhesive has dried, rehang the frame on the wall and use the level to position it evenly. Voilà! Now you won’t have any more scuff marks from your hanging frames!

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