BigGap™ Large Wedge

Dimension (LWH): Single 3.52″ x 1.13″ x .48″ Double 3.52″ x 2.39″ x .48″ Angle: 7.13º

BigGap™ wedges are available in both hard and soft clear. Sold as a double wedge that can be snapped or cut apart easily for use as a single wedge. Soft BigGap™ wedges are super-flexible, non-marring wedge shims that easily conform to the shape of whatever they support. Great for use on slick or scratchable surfaces. Hard BigGap™ wedges are tough and durable, supporting over 2000 lbs. Ideal for leveling large tables on slanted sidewalks, securing landscape stones and pavers, leveling concrete blocks, and those really big wobbles.