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Fix a Wobbly Office Desk with Wobble Wedges®

And Why You Should Level Your Desk Before Using a Standing Desk Converter

Working at a desk that wobbles and moves can be a huge distraction resulting in loss of focus and causing frustration. Pens and papers sliding off your desk is irritating and will definitely make you less productive as you chase them down. If you use a standing desk converter, don’t gamble with your computer equipment perched several feet higher, wobbles could cost you big if it came crashing to the floor! Wobble Wedge® plastic shims make for a sleek solution that will blend in, and make it easy to level your desk.

Stop The Desk Wobbles

If you can rock the desk back and forth, you might think just place a wedge under the shortest leg, done! While this will stop the rocking, it doesn’t mean the desk will be level. And objects could still go rolling off the surface. To make sure the desk is level, you will want to check it both lengthwise and widthwise with your level. Tilt the level up to bring the bubble to the center, the side that you’ve lifted up is the side of the desk that will need to be shimmed.

If your desk is on carpeting you will want to use hard plastic Wobble Wedge® shims. These rigid plastic shims will give stability on the soft flooring. If it’s on hard flooring like tile or wood, soft/flexible plastic Wobble Wedge® shims will not only bring your desk up to level, they will help stop it from sliding on the floor. The reason is our patented interlocking ridges, which in our soft/flexible plastic wedges grip the hard flooring, stopping slips. These ridges also allow you to safely stack Wobble Wedges® to fill any size space. Our plastic shims come in three different sizes so that you can get just the right one for your needs. A single BigGap™ wedge is .48” high, a standard wedge is .25” high, and the Mini wedge is .16” high. Our standard plastic shims will blend in with any aesthetic with three color options: clear/translucent, white, and black.

Level furniture on hard flooring

Why You Should Level Your Desk Before Installing a Standing Desk Converter

Standing desks can be a great option if sitting for extended periods of time causes you discomfort. And because buying a brand new convertible standing desk can be cost prohibitive, there are many options to “add” a standing desk to the one you already have. These often come in the form of a riser that will lift your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse up to a comfortable height for standing. Because your expensive computer equipment is now several feet higher, it is crucial that you level your existing desk before installing the standing desk. What a tragedy it would be to have your monitor et al go sliding off and crash to the floor! So don’t risk it! Level your desk with Wobble Wedge® plastic shims before you use a standing desk converter.

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