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How to Level a Refrigerator

Use Wobble Wedge® refrigerator leveling shims to stabilize your fridge

Does your refrigerator wobble when you open it? Or does your refrigerator door swing wide open when you’re reaching in for the milk? These are signs that your refrigerator is sitting on an uneven floor and needs to be leveled. Commercial and residential refrigerators are prone to wobbling on uneven flooring material, and sometimes, the adjustable feet just aren’t enough (if your fridge has adjustable feet at all)! Wobble Wedge® plastic refrigerator leveling shims will help you level and stabilize your fridge to stop wobbling, rolling, and out of control doors.

Level a fridge on an uneven floor

Refrigerators are large, rigid, bulky appliances. They are incredibly unforgiving when placed on an uneven flooring material. Most floors start to slope and sag over time, especially under the weight of a heavy appliance like a fridge, making it nearly impossible to position a refrigerator on a perfectly even surface. Our Wobble Wedge plastic refrigerator leveling shims are perfect for leveling and stabilizing all four corners of your fridge. Simply slip one of our tapered plastic shims under the corner of your refrigerator for instant stabilization.

Appliance shim

Help! My refrigerator door SWINGS open!

Does this sound familiar? You walk to your fridge and crack the door open about a foot to quickly grab a gallon of milk off the shelf. While you’re grabbing the milk, the refrigerator door violently swings open and slams into the cabinets on the other side. You’re so startled you nearly drop the milk! When a refrigerator door uncontrollably swings open, it’s a sign that your fridge is off balance. Most likely, the corner opposite the hinges of the door, needs to be elevated slightly.

How to level a refrigerator

1. To see if your fridge is off balance, place your palms firmly on the front of the refrigerator (with the door closed). See if you can rock the fridge back slightly. If the fridge has any ‘rock’, tilt, lean, or wobble, this in an indication that it’s sitting on an uneven surface and needs to be leveled.

 2. If your refrigerator rocks or leans, place a level on top of the fridge, place both palms firmly on the front of the fridge (with the door closed), and gently rock the refrigerator into a level position. Have a helper find which corner of the fridge is raised off the ground.

 3. Simply slide a Wobble Wedge plastic refrigerator leveling shim under the corner of your refrigerator until the gap between the appliance and the floor is closed. Our tapered leveling shims are perfect for filling any sized gap. Commercial kitchens will prefer the BigGap leveling wedge for stabilizing industrial sized refrigerators. Renters and homeowners can utilize our standard sized plastic shims, available in a variety of colors to blend seamlessly into your environment.

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