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How to Stop Wobbling Potted Plants

Steady Your Houseplants with Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims 

A beautiful indoor plant jungle can transform a home into your own private oasis. And caring for houseplants is a wonderful way to de-stress and feel connected to nature. If you have a plant that is unsteady or wobbles it can be easily knocked to the floor by a stray elbow or a curious pet. Most houseplants will survive a fall, but that beautiful pot it was planted in probably won’t! So what to do when you have an unsteady houseplant? Here’s how to stop wobbling potted plants with the help of Wobble Wedges®.

Stop Wobbling Potted Plants

There are many types of planters and pots that your houseplants can live in. From ceramic to plastic, some with attached trays and some with separate ones. Luckily if your potted plant rocks back and forth it doesn’t matter which kind of pot it’s in. Our solution will work with them all. You might be tempted to grab a piece of cardboard or a wooden shim, but if these options get wet they can grow mildew or rot. Using a plastic shim to stabilize your potted plant is the best option.

Our Wobble Wedge® plastic shims aren’t affected by water. So they can be used to shim the pot in the water tray or under the tray. Simply take a soft/flexible plastic shim in the color of your choice (black, white, or clear/translucent), and place it under the edge of your pot. The soft plastic will cushion the pot and grip it at the same time, putting a stop to your wobbling potted plant.

Stop Wobbling Potted Plants

How to Level a Plant Stand

If your plants are on wire or wooden plant stands, these too can become unsteady. This is especially common with wire plant stands, where one or more legs is shorter than the rest. Take your plant out of its stand and rock the stand to determine which leg is shorter. Place one or more soft plastic shim under the feet of your plant stand. If you want to make sure it’s level, get a small level to check it front to back and side to side. If it leans to one side you will need to use more than one plastic shim to get it level.

Luckily Wobble Wedge® plastic shims come in three sizes, so you can get the exact height you need. A Mini Wobble Wedge® is 0.16” high, a Standard is 0.25”, and a BigGap™ wedge is 0.48” tall. If you need to combine them to get the perfect height you can safely do this thanks to our patented interlocking ridges. They allow Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to be safely stacked, no slipping! Once you’ve fixed the wobble, return your plant to the stand. Voila, you’ve learned how to stop wobbling potted plants!

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